Salespeople produce more sales when they focus on what they do best – selling. That’s why we remove two of their biggest distractions: making enormous amounts of cold calls and worrying about other marketing tasks while trying to complete their quota.

What they need are reliable cold calling services and that’s why they leave the phones to us. If closing sales is what your salespeople do best, then that’s we enable them to focus on.

Our solutions are built to identify your potential customers and contact their decision makers. All of this for the sake of introducing your business to theirs. Our telemarketing services puts you right in front of prospects from the USA and Canada, to a multitude of Asia-Pacific countries including Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand.

Outsourcing to us doesn’t just save you the trouble of making countless cold calls. We also qualify the leads we produce, nurture them, and set the sales appointments. That’s why, don’t you’re just getting mediocre phone conversations. These are expertly handled cold calls with very high chances of turning into sales-ready B2B leads for your company.

Now how is it that we can produce better results than your salespeople?

  • A. Our callers have been dialing in many industry-exclusive campaigns for years.
  • B. We do our homework before even one call is made.
  • C. Our research allows us to reach targets with the most interest.
  • D. We ensure every lead is strictly qualified, which maximizes your close rate.

We guarantee a set amount of calls and the number of organizations to be contacted within the span of your marketing campaign. Our telemarketing packages start out with you getting the services of 1-3 call center agents, 1500 organizations to be contacted, and 3,500 cold calls to be made.

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