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Marketing provides near-instant marketing solutions to expand our clients’ markets and increase their sales. As a business partner, we help you hit your revenue targets by filling your calendar with sales-generating appointments. Since our founding in 2004, companies have relied on us to provide them with real business opportunities without high costs or high risks.

This company’s cold calling services now extend the reaches of your B2B lead generation and appointment setting campaign to several countries including the US, Canada, and several Asia-Pacific countries such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand.


Sign up for our telemarketing campaign to get the most out of outsourcing. Free your company from the headache of recruiting, training and managing employees! Stop worrying about installing and operating the required infrastructure. Outsourcing our trained specialists already guarantees you the tried and tested tools necessary for a successful campaign.

Our telemarketing services put you in front of just the right person in your prospects’ organizations. The support from our lead generation and appointment setting activities will let you focus on what you do best – closing business deals and nurturing clients.


Our cold calling programs not only give you the advantage of gaining professional telemarketing services, our packages bring additional benefits such as:

◦3,500 calls to a list of at least 1500 of your target prospects

◦A database of at least 1500 target contacts with complete contact information

◦A Campaign Specialist to strategize and manage the calling campaign while serving as the Client’s POC

◦A Quality Assurance Analyst to monitor and evaluate call quality, and verify the validity of leads and appointments using Client-specified criteria

◦A Data Analyst to research and compile a list of your target prospects

◦A customized call script

◦Private login to an online CRM and lead management system to monitor calls, view, process and download progress reports in real-time


Forget about commission rates! Gain access to our extensive database without paying an extra dime.

You no longer have to worry about sacrificing important hours for your calling campaign.

Call scripts? Count on us to create sales pitches that will drive your prospects into smart and dynamic conversations with our appointment setters.

We define true service by opening doors to new business, while you get the highest return on your investment as possible.


121 Direct Marketing is an organization of experienced and motivated marketing professionals who work in industry-specific teams. Hence, we know who to call and find out what they’re looking for. Our appointment setters are extensively trained and have over three years of experience finding prospects and getting clients in front of the right people.

Our professional telemarketing services will not only get you the speed, accuracy, and cost efficiency needed to succeed in today’s marketing landscape. They’re also quick and easy to set up. We can get your marketing campaign running in as quickly as 5 days. The calls made will be handled by professional telemarketing executives who have a minimum experience of one year marketing in your industry.

Our staff of telemarketing call center agents is fully managed by a campaign specialist who will also support your campaign to become as successful as possible. Additionally, you’ll be given access to a comprehensive report that will be provided to you on a weekly basis (along with other real-time data on contact details, call dispositions, leads, online appointments, etc.).


Afraid of hidden charges? Let’s clear things up here and now. Our professional telemarketing services come with no extra charges. We provide laser targeted sales leads and appointments at a price that is easy on the pocket.

We only aim to give your business more opportunities for increasing revenue and profits.


It is our guarantee that a large number of high-quality calls are made on a daily basis. Our approach is to maximize the chances of acquiring sales-ready B2B leads and business appointments, ensuring optimal marketing campaign outcomes. That is how we do business.

If you want a free quote for your upcoming cold calling campaign or simply more information on pricing, feel free to call us through our toll-free hotline (888-406-2585) or fill out the quick query form within the Contact Us page.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”30px”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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