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Appointment Setting and Lead Generation for ADVERTISING SERVICES

Advertising companies face unique challenges when marketing their services, and we understand this. That is why you can greatly benefit from our lead generation experience and appointment setting solutions. We’re here to help you meet the challenge of  tapping into a qualified pool of prospects consistently.

Your brand name is valuable to you and that is why we want it to reach the decision makers that matter most (such as CMOs, CEOs, marketing VPs, sales VPs, and important directors). We contact organizations of various sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to local gas stations. Our industry coverage goes from the automobile industry all the way to wireless communications.

121 Direct Marketing believes in empowering clients to get the most out of their marketing campaigns. That is why we provide a professional B2B lead generation and appointment setting team for your B2B marketing projects. We enable easier monitoring and collaboration with tools. For instance, our CRM platform delivers real-time information on the campaign’s progress. All of these are available with a cost-effective telemarketing policy which makes it easier for you to plan and monitor your budget.

Here at 121 Direct Marketing, we go beyond making calls to qualified prospects. We make a continuous effort to guarantee that your advertising company develops good working relationships with your future clients.

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