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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: It is the best way to offload a non-core function while leaving it in expert hands. Outsourcing allows you to free your salespeople from cold calling and pave a way dedicated to completely sealing the deal. It also saves you the cost of training and managing telemarketers, setting up the facility and technology required, and deploying an effective telemarketing strategy.
  • Step 1. We create a well-refined contact database based on your target demographic. Then, we write a call guide that outlines your product’s key selling points and qualification criteria.
  • Step 2. We train our appointment setters to pitch your products and services. After that, we qualify prospects based on your specific requirements.
  • Step 3. Our professional appointment setters start dialing. They weed out unqualified, uninterested contacts and set up appointments with the ones that are sales-ready.
  • Step 4. Our Quality Assurance Analysts listen to the call recording of each appointment and verify that pre-determined lead qualifications are met.
  • Step 5. We send you an e-mail notification with all appointment details recorded on our online portal, the Pipeline CRM. We also make confirmation calls to the prospect to remind them of the appointment.

Answer: We always assign highly specialized teams who have run appointment setting campaigns in your specific line of business for no less than 5 years. Rest assured, we know how to identify the best prospects for you. We further refine our contact database based on your target market and the profiles of your current clients.

4. How do I keep track of my campaign?

Answer:Appointments that have been verified by the QA Analyst are stored in your Pipeline CRM account which you can access via the Internet. The Pipeline CRM is also a lead management tool where you can update the status of your leads and download campaign reports. It also has a calendar where you block off dates when you’re not available. The system is synced to our agents’ system in real time so they can keep track of your schedule. Furthermore, our communication lines extend to email and phone. Our account manager will keep you posted on how things are going.

5. Do I share leads and appointments with other companies?

Answer: No, we don’t sell your leads and appointments to other clients. Our appointment setters will exclusively call on behalf of your company.

6. How long will it take before I can start my campaign?

Answer: We can get your lead generation and appointment setting campaign up and running in about 5 days.

7. Am I just paying for the services of the telemarketers alone?

Answer: No. When you outsource to 121 Direct Marketing, what you get is a team of specialists tasked to bring out the best results out of your cold calling campaign. Aside from telemarketing agents, you’ll also be given a campaign specialist, data researchers, and a quality assurance analyst.

8. How will I keep track of my outsourced campaign?

Answer: We will send you a comprehensive report on a weekly basis. During that time, you can also access information on call dispositions, leads, their contact details, and the appointment dates.

9. Can I target countries outside the US for my campaign?

Answer: Yes, you most definitely can. Right now our database holds numerous contacts located outside the U.S. You can find prospects in Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand.

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