B2B Lead Generation Resources Should Serve Sales Productivity

Just because one area of a business is productive doesn’t mean it’ll be productive as a whole. That’s why you need to strategize to make sure that the productivity of one area seamlessly rubs into another.


And one way to ensure productivity is to ensure stable connections and stable communications. Those aren’t just for outbound lead generation campaigns. In fact, the success of such campaigns can rest just as much on the connection between B2B marketers and sales people.


Even in countries like Nigeria, communications companies are seeing very positive effects of improved network technology on overall economic productivity. It shouldn’t be different further down, to the scale of marketers working with salespeople. Here’s how you can use your lead generation resources to improve their performance:


  • Marketers should supplement tools that train salespeople – If technology and training are important in today’s sales, marketers should follow it up with proper information on every prospect they find. Communications should help them monitor their performance instead of simply shipping every appointment without regards to the salesperson’s ability.


  • Don’t just provide pure sales support – Your salespeople will need other resources besides what’s just been handed to them. If they need to bring in marketers, developers, and anyone else who can help present your product/services, don’t put them out of their reach.



If you’re looking to motivate salespeople, information is the key. It is information that helps them understand their own performance. It gives them insight into the needs and problems of your company’s potential clients. It also makes it easier for your business to communicate its own values and needs through them.


Their success shouldn’t just depend on the training and the materials that are exclusively provided to them. For marketers and salespeople to work best, silos need to be broken down and information shared between them as well as other relevant areas of the business.


The role of communication in sharing information should never be underestimated. The data is only as good as it is understood so gaps in the message should be avoided. You need to maximize the conversations different areas of your business have with each other and just with potential clients.


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