Cold Calling for Commercial Cleaning Leads: Not as Hard as You Think

commercial cleaning sales leadsCold calling is a valued marketing procedure used by many, especially for generating commercial cleaning sales leads. The main reason of its high level of effectiveness is due to the fact that you are able to reach your potential clientèle at a near instance. You do not have to spend a mint just to go to your prospect.

Now a lot of people know that marketing is a no-guaranteed method that may or may not bring in sales for the business. Now imagine that “old” method wherein you walk (or drive) miles away from your office just to meet a prospect. What would happen if that prospect declines your offer? Then you’ve already wasted money that should have been used for something more productive.


If you own a commercial cleaning company then cold calling should be your main method in getting more b2b leads. If it is not then it is highly advised that you start right now!


If you think that cold calling for potential clients is hard then think again. Here are some great tips that will get you started to earning great leads for your cleaning company.


  1. Get a good business contact list

    Randomly punching in numbers onto your phone in hopes of contacting an interested prospect won’t do you or your campaign any good. The first thing that you should do for your cold calling campaign is to get a reliable calling list that is precisely targeted for the market that you plan on aiming. This gets you a higher rate of sending them a proposal, and maybe an even higher rate of closing a sale.


  2. Use a well-thought out script

    When you make your cold calling script, try it out with some colleagues and see if it works. This way, you can revise and fix your script before testing it out on a few prospects. You can even get the opinion of your colleagues if the script is good to go or not.


  3. Use a confident tone in a moderate level

    Be confident even if it is your first time. If you aren’t then your voice will be shaky to which will make your prospects question you, “Do you really know what you’re doing?” Use a confident tone that is not too condescending or not too shaky. Make your prospects know that your cleaning services are the best in the market.


  4. Spend a bit to earn more

    You might want to spend on quality softwares and technology to make your cold calling campaign a whole lot easier to manage and to handle. This saves you a lot of time and a lot less prone to errors along the way.


  5. When all else fails, outsource!

    If you need to have the necessary time to conduct other projects for your business or if you need to crunch your budget a bit more, then you can get the services of a professional telemarketing call center instead. If you do so then you can get all the benefits necessary from your campaign and even more.


Still think cold calling for b2b lead generation for commercial cleaning companies is hard? Follow these tips and you may thinking otherwise.


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