Differentiating B2B Telemarketing from B2B Telesales

While b2b telemarketing is commonly associated with b2b telesales, the fact is that these two terms are almost entirely different from each other. Even if the former is closely subjected to the topic of sales, it is not primarily used to only close business deals. Probably the main reason why both terms are being used interchangeably by the masses is because of the use of the telephone to bring more income to a business.

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First of all, telephone marketing (like marketing in itself) has a lot of goals and methods encompassed within this medium. In telephone sales, the main and perhaps the only goals of this medium is to close sales and gather more income for an organisation.


The similarity of both is that they use they generally use the process known as cold calling to pique the curiosity and interests of potential clients and customers. Nevertheless, there are still many discrepancies between the two. Let us take a look at these differences to better understand this topic.


B2B Telemarketing

Telephone marketing can be inbound, outbound, or both. The services designed by the use of the telephone for the purpose of marketing one’s products and services are used to increase the total awareness of the business’ brand name. Additionally, it is also used to generate new leads and other opportunities through a direct mode of contact to potential clients.


Marketing through the telephone may have increasing the ROI of the business as their main goal, but it may also have multiple purposes for each call which includes:


  1. lead generation, nurturing, management, and analysis
  2. appointment setting for leads gathered
  3. market surveys
  4. gathering feedback from an existing client?e
  5. retaining client interests
  6. client’s address verification

Aside from the aforementioned information, there are many other uses of telephone marketing. It all depends on the business that employs such a marketing medium for the main goal of their brand name to be well-known all throughout their targeted market.


B2B Telesales


B2B telephone sales may have the same goal of marketing though the telephone, which is to increase the company’s ROI. Nevertheless, it is seen to be more of a focused medium as compared to its marketing counterpart. Abruptly simple, the main goal of this medium is to convert prospects into long-term clients for a business. In other words, marketing through the telephone has many purposes whereas this one has only one.


Both marketing and sales with the use of the telephone are different in sorts but both are great means to generate a good increase to the company’s rate of income. The good news pertaining to these two mediums is that both campaigns can be readily outsourced to call centres throughout the globe.


An outbound telemarketing company can uphold the well-being of the campaign and turn it into a profitable business venture for the company. Usually, the most effective telemarketers are those that have already attained a high degree of experience from numerous campaigns. These are the sales agents that one should be looking for if they want to gain a suitable, if not a significant increase for their rate of income.


A well thought out campaign can help the campaign into generating a great amount of income for a business. Still, for those companies that want to gain an instant level of expertise for their telephone campaign, outsourcing these mediums to a contact centre are their best bet to achieving a profitable outcome.

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