Guidelines for Effective B2b Telemarketing in UK

In reality, in order to do business in UK, you need to talk to someone.  B2b telemarketing just gets you there. It enables you to talk, meet and do business with people who understand what you do and have a need for your product or service.  Although there can still be downsides in using this, picking the right guidelines to follow can do you a favor.  But before knowing these, let’s first understand how b2b telemarketing works.

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B2B telemarketing simply stands for business-to-business telemarketing. It has a far more focused approach than telemarketing as a whole.  Normally, it deals with high value products and services and with b2b lead generation.  It is specifically focused on knowing what your business is and work out what is required to boost your revenue.  Here, b2b leads are more focused and business is specific.


In order for b2b telemarketing to become your top performing lead generation tool you have to follow some important guidelines.  First, you have to clearly define your target audience. Though this may sound simple, this would take a huge part of your time.  Why? Because it would usually start from quantified analysis of the current customer base to conversations with your sales reps to clearly define your target audience.  Doing so will enable you to learn if there is a market for your solution.


Second, you have to clearly define the objective of your current campaign.  How can you do this?  There are questions that can guide you. Is the target audience for your product or service consistent with your other campaigns? Are the goals of your campaign still attainable these days?Avoid playing the guessing game. Dont assume that one customer definition will fit all your marketing efforts. Undefined objectives would more often than not lead any of your campaign to fail.


Third, be clear about what would constitute your lead. Knowing the specifics is very important.  Do you need a standard business card info, do you need or want the phone number, or email address? Do you need or want additional information  such as title, function, how far down the decision making path they are? Additional questions may mean a more costly lead, but will allow for much better targeting and sales follow up.


Fourth, you have to know the lead quality. Knowing the source of your data is as important as knowing what you need in a lead.  Where do you generate your data? Ad networks, online publishers, mailing lists?  The right resources would give you the right quality of leads you are looking for.


Fifth, you should also take time to do lead follow-up. Sadly, many companies fail here.  If you too will fail, for sure your leads would be lost to competitors or become stale. You have to make sure that the telemarketers you hire have well crafted scripts,  have enough information and preparedness to call prospects.


Following the above guidelines will save you valuable time from risky and costly trial and error lead generation approach. B2b telemarketing eliminates your several headaches but if you do your lead generation with  other tools,  then you will bring your business in great danger.  It is also good to outsource to telemarketing call centres.  Why?  Because it will free you from hiring, training, and firing your in house staff.  If you want your lead generation efforts to perform at maximum efficiency, you must have a good b2b telemarketing and b2b telemarketing helpmate in place.

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