How B2B Lead Generation Campaigns Classify Trends

There are so many trends in the world today. Some are defined by popular culture, others by politics, and others more by the culture and politics of their own industry. Knowing that, it means that not all trends may be relevant to your B2B lead generation strategy. What are the categories you need to use so that you can finally start moving forward?


Using the category of business alone is not enough to filter out all trends save those that are most in need of your attention. For example, some trends are more the concern of investors and stock market watchdogs.


On the other hand, the trends that impact marketing are less of that and maybe more along the lines of an entrepreneur’s take.


  • #1: You classify based on future demand – Gone are the cold calling days when you can waste time sending unqualified prospects to your hapless sales reps. Today’s standards for lead generation require to know everything about a prospect’s individual needs. Those needs though could only be signs of bigger, future opportunities in the market as a whole.


  • #2: Your categories are governed by channels – Marketing and communication are inseparable. It makes perfect sense to understand how trends can shift also based on what channel is revolutionizing communication all over the world. From television to social media, lead generators are among the first to feel the impact of these trending changes.


  • #3: You also categorize on trends relevant to their customers – Naturally, the trends you follow should be the same trends being followed by your target audience. For example, businesses that work in consulting have to be especially wary of the trends shaping the lives of their customers. It’s what ties the trends made by demand and the different channels they use.


Successfully predicting trends can be difficult if you don’t know how to filter the ones that are not only relevant but also high on the priority list. Going for social media, for example, may not be important if your target industry still has more people who like to discuss business over the p hone. Keep in mind the objectives of your lead generation campaign to determine the trends worth watching out for.

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