How Bad Business Communication Compromises More than B2B Telemarketing

In the IT and ERP software industries, communication obstacles pose as an obstacle to both B2B marketing and servicing clients. As companies are using online technologies to bridge geographical gaps, even mere accents can put a halt to an entire project, operation, deal etc.


Intercultural communication issues are often a much discussed source of conflict between today’s global businesses.



And even as English is the business language of the world and that workers are expected to speak very well, other issues arise.



  • Even without accents, certain ‘styles’ of English are used by different English-speaking countries across s the world (example, U.K.).


  • Also, sometimes out of fear of being impolite or insensitive information is just lost when people give up on trying understanding what is being communicated.


On the other hand, this shouldn’t be enough for businesses to deny themselves the efficiency of saving travel expenses, faster delivery of new products and services to the market, and a larger pool of international business resources (both in terms of marketing and software).


Now to overcome these international barriers, the first step doesn’t just lie in verbal communication. In fact, it’s more of an issue of developing trust first. It makes logical sense. Even if you don’t clearly understand what a person is saying, you give them a chance to clarify because you trust in them.  Consider the following measures:


A few methods that may help improve the team’s ability to communicate is to establish personal connections with one another, communicate via varied means of technology and educating members on cultural differences that may exist.


  • Measure the volume of communication – Your average employee could be receiving about 1800 messages each day from all channels online and offline. Does this volume contribute to the problem and how can you minimize it?


  • Build trust on the individual level – Don’t rely too much on mass communication tools to make a connection (whether it’s between offshore work teams, outsourcing companies, or foreign customers). Make it closer to one-on-one communication.


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