How Email Marketing Maintains Its Hold On Response Rate

Mobile and social media maybe today’s favorite marketing tool but email still stays on top when it comes to reaching potential B2B buyers. So what exactly is in email that allowed it to hold its position for so long?


Perhaps it’s because email manages to tie itself with its new rivals. For example, Hubspot reports that 80.8% of users report read email on mobile devices.


While it also says that only 12% of people use separate work and personal inboxes, it can be concluded that they intersect with that 80%. You’d also be happy to know that over 50% of respondents still say they read most of their emails. It appears that shifting to mobile hasn’t much of an effect on their reading habits.


It also doesn’t change the fact that click-through rates are higher when messages use the recipients’ company name in the subject line over no company mention.


And if you think that they prefer the stuff of a 50s Business English class, you might need a new textbook. 88% prefer to receive HTML emails versus 12% who prefer plain text from companies with 65% wanting more images in them compared to the 35% who’d rather have text.


As for social media, it’s true that 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form with 59% spending a weekly 6 hours on it. But while they consider social media vital for marketing their business, around 53% don’t measure their success and cite difficulties in accurately measuring ROI. Most believe its fans/followers while others look to traffic and even mere mentions.


In conclusion, it looks more like the struggle is on the side of pure social media marketers than that of email. And while they spend 6 hours a week, decision makers can barely stand 10-15 minutes taking traditional B2B marketing calls. How less is their attention span on the net is anyone’s guess. What you can be sure of is that while everyone is flocking to new online frontiers, the realm of response rate is still in favor with email.


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