How Sales Leads Work With Other Factors Behind Productive Salespeople

It’s popularly believed that sales leads are the key to keeping sales reps productive. While that much is true, are they the only things driving it?


There are other contributors that are no less important to the productivity of B2B sale representatives. And without them, even quality sales leads lose their value (and vice-versa). The following is a brief list of other factors behind sales success and how they interact with the leads going through your funnel:


  • Technology SalesForce puts it quite well: “addition by subtraction” which is exactly what it CRM tool does for its clients. On the other hand, technology is just one piece of the process. It’s the tools used to store data and manage your leads but it can’t exactly generate that information on its own. That’s why salespeople aren’t without skilled marketers and lead generators to collaborate with those tools in order to find the best customers.


  • Skills – A good lead isn’t necessarily one where the marketers do all the work of the sales people. In fact, it can be the complete opposite. Good sales leads challenge salespeople to make use of every skill in their repertoire. From giving a salesperson good reason to call to understanding a client’s business prior to meeting them,  they provide the information on which these skills depend on for their use


  • Response – Leads are but one of the many ways you’re actually responding to their feedback. But don’t think that just because they’re not asking for better leads, doesn’t mean they won’t ask for others. Keep communication open in your organization as much as they are between your business and that of your clients. There are a lot of other considerations you can make to make sales more productive.


It’s been often said that leads rapidly lose value if they’re not being used to close sales. The same logic applies to the technology, skills, and responses you invest in your salespeople. And while you invest in this as much as marketing and sales lead generation, they shouldn’t be done in isolation. Rather, they should all add up to the success of your sales reps.

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