How to Get Affordable Outsourced Lead Generation Services

lead generation, pay per call, business call centerMany businesses are on the constant lookout for quality lead generation services. They do not want to waste any time in generating quality sales leads for their companies as it would let them take the top spot within their industry. By being at the top spot, such businesses will then be able to get maximum profit and revenue as more sales will come in naturally.


The main challenge at hand is where can they find suitable and reliable lead generation services?


As of late, many global and local companies are in search for a reputable business call center that will allow them to get their hands on quality sales leads through cold calling services with the highest caliber of expertise. Apart from this, they are also finding a contact agency that will let them acquire such services but at a very reasonable price.

At first, many businesses turn to the pay per lead telemarketing program for lead generation. This program entails contact center clients to only pay for the amount of potential clients they want generated.


Although seemingly beneficial for both, this is in fact a kind of double-edged sword for both parties. The reason is that the contact firm has to generate the leads and business appointments whereas the the client needs to wait for the prospects’ information to arrive.


Generating leads has never been a surefire method for getting sales as we cannot determine as to whether the prospect will or will not push through with the sale. Heck, they might even back out of the deal at the very last minute. The problem with the pay per lead program is that contact centers usually give a certain guarantee to such services. Not being able to fulfill such promises will put a huge crack in their trust between existing and soon-to-be clients.


Nonetheless, pay per lead and/or pay per appointment programs are not the only cost efficient tools out there for generating quality business leads. With recent innovations in business-to-business marketing, call centers have come up with a new method that will allow the fortification of trust between clients and to lower down the threat of risks involved.


This new outsourced telemarketing program for lead generation is called pay per call. Through this marketing scheme, businesspeople looking for call center services need only to purchase for the number of calls to be made and for the amount of contacts to be contacted.


Seeing this definition for pay per call, many would speculate that the risk is too high since they might think that the telemarketers they hire will only call and not produce any results.


On the contrary, the risk for today’s contact firm clientèle is far lower than ever before for the pay per call scheme. In fact, the tides have turned as the risk is transferred to that of the call center professionals themselves. Think about it; they are deemed as lead generation professionals. Ergo, if they are not able to produce quality results from their client’s marketing campaign then the contact firm’s credibility will be damaged to a great degree.


Businesses that are looking for a more affordable outsourced b2b lead generation service should start looking into pay per call telemarketing.


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