Outsourcing With An IT Telemarketing Firm As A Solution To Your IT Firm’s Needs

For IT firms, outsourcing their marketing needs can become a way of cutting back on much needed costs, all the while generating a good amount of income for themselves. But due to ever present budget constraints, the type of outsourced services an IT firm can avail of fall to a minimal number. Aside from that, only a handful of such third parties are capable of providing quality service. But when it comes down to it, IT telemarketing services can be a good outsourced service that offers quality service while keeping a low cost.

With IT telemarketing services, you can get IT lead generation to help get IT leads for your firm. This aids you in finding new clients, prospects and targets for your marketing campaign. Paired with IT telemarketing, these leads can be turned into sales. If you’re wondering how IT telemarketing differs from regular telemarketing, well then, there isn’t really much of a difference to it; they basically run the same way. However, IT telemarketing is far better suited to market IT products and services, hence the name. Telemarketing firms who do this kind of service are ones that are knowledgeable in the IT field, and will find ways to better sell the products and services of their respective companies.

IT telemarketing can work for your firm the same way that it has worked for many others. But if you’re thinking about hard-selling your product/service, then you better recall those thoughts. Hard-sales with IT products and services doesn’t really produce the results you want to see. Your prospects, the decision makers, aren’t types of people that would purchase things off the bat, especially in a single phone call. What you need is to advertise yourself, make your presence and firm known to your targets and prospects. What you need to do is have IT appointment setting done for you by your outsourced telemarketing firm.

Combined with the IT leads that can be generated from IT lead generation, IT appointment setting can become a great way for you to market your firm. The normal flow with hard-selling is that telemarketers makes calls to your prospect, introduce your company and it’s offered product/service, then proceed to presenting an upfront cost. But with appointment setting, it doesn’t go this way; no upfront costs are presented, thus giving the client time to consider your offer. During the call, your telemarketers may ask your prospect specific qualifying questions based on any criteria you require them to meet. If they fall under all your specifications, then it means that they’re good to go, and you can do business with them, that is if they agree to an appointment. But since you’ll be using leads generated through IT lead generation,you may not need to worry about making calls to companies who don’t meet your criteria. And as opposed to hard-selling, this method produces more results and can give you instant feedback which you can use to your advantage in tweaking your marketing campaign or improving your products and services.

If your IT firm is on a tight budget and can only avail of outsourced services, then IT telemarketing services can be one of the best choices you make. Get more results for your IT firm by outsourcing with an IT telemarketing company and have them do appointment setting and lead generation for you. The money you spend for this venture is definitely worth it once you see the results.


Heighten the Chance of Success of Your Lead Generation Campaign with These Top Tips

telemarketing lead generationOver the years, b2b lead generation has been closely related with telemarketing. Telemarketing for the purpose of generating b2b leads has already made hundreds, to thousands, to even hundreds of thousands of businesses to acclaim their success.

Let us take a look at some of the basic advantages that telemarketing can bring for lead generation campaigns:

  • Close the gap between prospect and business
  • Contact leads and potential clients from miles away with just a phone call
  • Minimal to no wait time required in hearing the prospect’s opinion, feedback, or review
  • Instantly get the word across without the wait

With the aforementioned information, we now know that telemarketing greatly reduces the time it takes for the campaign to reach its completion. Nonetheless, a lead generation telemarketing campaign without the tools or other aspects will just ultimately end in failure. Business owners need to know the right factors needed so that their money spent on the campaign will not all go to waste.

Here are some of the top tips one can follow to augment the chances of their lead generation campaign to achieve a profitable outcome.

Mix it up with other marketing mediums – Telemarketing, though highly effective, is very compatible with other marketing means. For instance, one can mix telemarketing alongside e-mail blasting to lessen the overall cost of the campaign. So instead of spending a lot of money on the telephone bill, the business can first send out a proposition through e-mail and if they respond with interest then that is the time the call will be initiated.

Get the latest in technology – Technology is there to help mankind and most especially business owners with their telemarketing campaign. Therefore, there is no reason to just turn a cold shoulder on the latest gadgets on telecommunications if it will help the campaign significantly. For example, the business can get telephones that have webcam support so that the prospect can actually see the person of whom they are talking to. This is to assure themselves that they are, in fact, talking to a real live human being; and on that note it brings us to our next tip.

As much as possible, do not replace human telemarketers with automated ones – It might be more cost efficient to just replace human sales agents with automated ones; however, these ‘robots’ tend to be less effective than their human counterpart. People like to hear from other people especially when selling is involved. Most people will end the call the second they know that they are listening to an automated message.

Get the most updated telemarketing list – It is a norm for any telemarketing campaign to have a calling list of its own. However, there are many businesses that may not have a lengthy leads list of their own. To resolve this issue, they can purchase a list from credible providers. These providers make sure that their clients get fresh leads whenever they purchase their lists. Hence, the business can even grant themselves an even greater chance to close sales deals from their leads.

Truth be told, these are but some of the many useful tips one can follow for the benefit of their lead generation campaign. Nonetheless, the business can get a better chance of having a successful campaign once they follow these tips.

As soon as these tips are put into action, business owners can reap an even larger array of benefits from their lead generation campaign.

IT Lead Generation: How Outsourced Services Can Save Your Business

Lead generation can be used by a number of businesses globally as it will definitely help them in the gathering of new income for their organization to grow. Through the generation of leads, businesses are able to increase their overall rate of income and it also has the possibility of making one’s brand name to be reached to new markets.

Many industries have already tried doing lead generation processes and most of the businesses within have already reaped the benefits that was brought upon by this great marketing tactic. However, not all business sectors take the process of generating and qualifying leads too lightly as there are some industries have leads that are harder to reach among others. One such industry that has these leads with such high standards is that of the information technology business sector.

The IT industry has been found to have leads that are really harder to reach among other industries. These leads have been seen to have medium to high job designations within their respective companies. For example, if an IT business were to research about their IT sales leads then they may find out that these people are those that are decision makers of their own companies. However, decision makers might be just the tip of the iceberg as there are some IT sales leads that are the CEO’s or Chief Executive Officers of their own companies.

As such, IT lead generation has been found to take longer to complete other than most industries. Sales representatives have to go through multiple levels within an IT company’s chain of command before they can reach their targeted lead. Once they have reached the said lead, they can then start to catch their attention by advertising and marketing their business’ products and services.

Building an in-house team to do IT lead generation procedures may not be the best option to take for one’s business. The main reason behind this is because the in-house team of sales representatives need to be trained from the ground up. This may take quite a load of time and effort and can cost the IT business to lose out on valuable business opportunities rather than making them. Therefore, the business can also lose their place within the competition between other IT organizations.

The best thing that these IT business owners can do with their lead generation campaign is to outsource it to a third party service. Outsourcing to lead generation experts that are well-versed in gathering leads within the IT industry enables the campaign to pick up on the most valuable leads. These leads will steer the campaign in a better direction that will enable it to end with the most money-making results.

Most outsourced services for lead generation are being handled by expert telemarketers, especially those that can handle generating and qualifying leads for the information technology industry. These telemarketers are well-versed in the arts and skills of generating leads within the IT business sector as they have complete knowledge and understanding about this industry.

Leaving one’s IT lead generation campaign to these telemarketers is like leaving a plumbing job in the hands of an expert plumber. What this means is that if an IT business owner were to outsource their telemarketing services then the best thing that they can do is to outsource to experts rather than newbies. These experts have already accumulated the right amount of experience and, as such, can handle and adapt to any kind of situation that their leads can throw at them. This is so much better than building a team from scratch for training costs are no longer a laughing matter these days.

All in all, outsourcing to these experts provides a higher chance of success for one’s lead generation campaign that targets those businesses in the information technology industry.


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