Pay per Call vs Pay per Lead – Let the Games Begin!

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Both are very cost efficient outsourced call centers schemes for b2b lead generation and appointment setting. Businesspeople use this to their advantage in order for their organizations and businesses to gain qualified business leads at a price that is easy on their wallets. This is perfect for startups that want to gain advantage over competitors even at the early stages of their business’ existence.


True that both are affordable outsourced lead generation methods, but only one program can reign supreme as the top low-cost b2b marketing medium. Let us consider and weigh our options on these two programs to see which of the two is really the best outsourced call center program.

  • Pay per Lead


Pay per lead, or cost per lead, has been around for ages. It is a telemarketing lead generation and appointment setting scheme where contact center clients only pay for the qualified leads and sales appointments that will be generated. Contact agencies promise a good amount of leads and appointments to their clientèle as the b2b marketing campaign is well underway.


This seems like a good enough deal considering that clients no longer have the option of paying for extra charges. However, the risk here is that call centers who have this program usually ‘guarantees’ the generation of quality business leads. Both parties will then be affected by such promise as the center needs to get those leads for their clientèle and the client has to receive them.


With this promise, both parties are at a liability if something goes wrong and those leads and appointments cannot be generated in time.


  • Pay per Call


Now pay per call is fairly new to the outsourced telemarketing program gig. Apart from the previous marketing scheme, pay per call does not guarantee the generation of targeted sales leads and business appointments. However, there is no cause for worry as it is just a matter of finding the right call center to acquire these type of services. Upon searching for a reputable one, companies can gain more leads and appointments at rock bottom prices.


With a price range of 1 to 2 USD per call, businesses can gain maximum efficiency in getting b2b leads and meaningful business meetings at a price that is very reasonable. As with pay per lead, this telemarketing program also holds no extra fees or hidden charges.


The good thing about this telemarketing program is that there is no guarantee which means there are no false promises that need to be kept. Businesspeople need only to wait for the exemplary results that will arrive soon.


Between the two outsourced telemarketing services, it’s up to organizations to decide on whether they want a ‘guaranteed’ yet risky approach or a safer method for b2b lead generation and appointment setting. Either way, they can expect costs to be far lower than getting the aid of traditional telemarketing schemes.


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