Picking the Right Colors in B2B Marketing

Market researchers have long determined that color affects conversion rates. Unfortunately that doesn’t make it easier to choose the ones to represent your business.


The corporate identity of your business, product and services can be represented in a single logo. The essential factors involved in its conception are what will determine its effectiveness.


Color is the first a logo or a brand catches in its viewers’ attention. Thus, it can mean the difference between generating appeal or none at all. You can give it the right symbol or right shape but give a logo the wrong colors and it could risk losing half its impact. The effects of color differ among cultural attitudes and preferences. Taking them out of the equation is never a smart move when designing the look of your promotional materials.


It’s no surprise that market researchers work day and night on what colors work best for their respective businesses. Many shades seem to look like the right choice but are they? What are some factors to be keep in mind just to be sure?


  • Balance – If you’re using more than one, make sure that one color doesn’t overpower the others too much. You don’t need to be Van Gogh or Vogue to know that colors need to be in harmony with each other.


  • Diversity – Every color carries its own individualistic frequency. That’s why the meanings behind them aren’t always so black-and-white. Be aware that even different shades can generate a diverse response.


  • Medium – The effects of color can vary between different mediums. A logo might do well with one kind of color on its website but a different one on a print ad. Consult experts on any subtle differences before a final decision.


It’s more than just a psychology. There is even a deep and highly evolved philosophy surrounding color and the way it can represent on behalf of your whole company. It’s not just about beautification. Their different effects on moods and reactions inevitably have some effect on buying decisions.



The more color you employ, the more care you must exercise. Information overload can occur from a single image just as much as it can from a big wall of text.

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