Sales Lead Generation Tips – Finding the Source of Anti-Trust Complexities

Antitrust news always makes for large headlines in both general and business publications. And with B2B marketing deeply invested in company reputation, the impact of an antitrust accusation is automatic code red. Plenty of areas directly associated with sales lead generation tactics and strategies also tie-in with that of anti-competitive analysis.


Making sure that you don’t earn black marks in a watchdog’s book is only natural. Figuring out what gets you those marks may not be as simple. There are several areas where complications arise from trying to determine anti-competitive behaviour. By themselves, B2B marketers may lack the necessary legal expertise to reach a complete conclusion about some of their lead generation practices.


For the most part though, knowing where these complications arise can be helpful before seeking legal counsel. These areas include:


  • Differences in antitrust laws worldwide – Differences in antitrust laws are strongly evident between countries. This demands that your situation be first put in the proper context of your respective nation’s laws. One primary reason is because certain laws only have been enacted as a result of events that have not yet necessarily occurred in other countries.


  • Understanding of competition – Another good reason for the different forms of antitrust laws come from the different definitions of the word ‘competition.’ Australia for example, defines competition as a process. How competition is viewed needs to be taken in to account (especially when your lead generation strategy is aiming at a global market).


  • Involvement of other parties – Lastly, the involvement of other parties might implicate your marketing efforts even when they themselves are not in direct violation of local antitrust laws. When consulting your expert, make sure you include any relevant information regarding your business connections (e.g. your suppliers).


Accusations of anti-competitive practices can be a devastating blow to your marketing campaign. Juggling a legal fiasco while maintaining the public trust of your prospects and customers can be a huge drain. That’s why before consulting, it’s good to read up on where the law gets tricky so you can zero in on what needs to be done, what needs to be changed, and what to do should things go for better (or worse).

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