The Australian Telemarketing Advantage

Nowadays, business organizations have outsourced their marketing campaigns to those of outbound call centres. The main reasons behind this is because of the direct form of communication that they establish between the organization and the prospect, and telemarketers are the best in the business to effectively market one’s product or service. This notion is especially true to those businesses who are residing in Australia.

There are many benefits that can be attained when one takes advantage of outsourced call centre services. Such benefits will bring an Australian business organization, no matter what scale, to their rightful place within the competition of their respective industries. These benefits include:

  • A business owner can look at a better and more profitable future
  • Expansion of new capital
  • Lowered turnover rates for at-home agents
  • Providing at-home stress free environment
  • Access to a very attractive English accent
  • An overall better client service at a lowered cost

These are but a few of the tons of benefits that can be received once a business outsources their marketing campaigns to telemarketers. Let us gain a better understanding about these benefits by looking at them in turn.

  • A business owner can look at a better and more profitable future

    What better way to outsource a marketing campaign than to leave it into the hands of experts? Telemarketers are the best suited for this job as they have already amassed tons of experience that they can use anytime for their disposal. By having this trait, Australian telemarketers are able to give businesses their own brand of financial success.

  • Expansion of new capital

    When getting outsourced call centre services for one’s marketing campaign, the increase in the Australian business’ rate of income is not far off. As a matter of fact, many businesses residing in the land down under who have outsourced their marketing campaigns have already gained a competitive edge because of the increase in capital brought upon by these telemarketing companies.

  • Lowered turnover rates for at-home agents

    Outsourcing to Australian telemarketing companies also mean that the stress has been lifted from the shoulders of at-home agents. Gone are the days wherein at-home agents are being dealt with extra loads of work for they can rest easy with the current load of work that they currently have. Without the heavy stress resting upon the shoulders of at-home agents, turnover rates for the business organization will be significantly lowered down.

  • Providing at-home stress free environment

    Leaning towards the previous benefit, is not just the at-home agents that are feeling the stress free environment of having to outsource marketing campaigns but also almost every employee within the business organization as well. This provides higher concentration on other operations for the organization to to stay alive and healthy and to maintain their competitive edge over other firms.

  • Access to a very attractive English accent

    Most people love to hear the accent and lingo being spoken by Australians. Hence, prospects have a higher chance of listening to what the call centre agent has to say for they immediately fall in love with the Australian accent. By having this asset, businesses can have an even higher chance of gaining business transactions from their leads and prospects.

  • An overall better client service at a lowered cost

    Outsourcing to Australian call centres provides a marketing solution that is effective in both time and money. By being time and cost effective, business owners can achieve a profitable outcome from the campaign without having to spend too much of their valuable cash.


Why Telemarketing Suits as The Right Medium in Conducting Consumer Market Surveys

Every Australian company does not just want to achieve high-quality in its products. It also desires to attain marketability. This is so because a good or service, even if affordable and first-class, will not fare well if the intended consumers do not like it. Though a big factor in the buying decision, quality is not the sole standard that entice buyers. First and foremost, customers purchase those things that they prefer the most. This is what business organisations in the Land Down Under is searching for. They seek to know what their target market looks for in a product, from the packaging down to the brand name. If they gain the right knowledge, they can recreate produce that consumers are interested to buy.

There is a considerable number of mediums that can be used to conduct consumer market surveys. For one, there is this door-to-door interaction. Though it accurately gets the needed data directly from the prospective and existing clients, this consumes a lot of time and money. This is not ideal for small and medium-sized business owners. Direct mail is another tool. But, its low response rate makes it difficult to evaluate the results. Email blasting is the newest addition. Its inexpensive way attracts firms to choose this one among the multiple choices. However, there are times that the mails go to the spam section or left unread. Also, the messages may not be catered to the intended audience.

Apart from those aforementioned channels, telemarketing is another tool relied on by some Australian companies. The use of the telephone is not limited only to cold-calling, lead generation and appointment setting. Telephone survey is now one of the works that can be handled properly. Contact centres are extending their competencies to this research campaign. After all, they have the adequate resources needed to run a program. Now, let us know why telemarketing in Australia suits well in managing market research. The following list enumerates some of the reasons:

  1. Call centre services are low-cost. Small and medium business owners that are struggling with finances can still administer a consumer market survey through outsourcing. Companies can gain access to the assets-human resources, technology, facility, proven methodologies- used by call centres by laying off a fraction of the total cost.
  2. It is fast and accurate. No other medium can obtain accuracy and high speed at the same time than the use of the telephone. Through the assistance of an updated calling list, targeted business leads are communicated in a matter of seconds. After which, the calling agents go through the survey part. This ease of connection and accessibility are owing to the the fact that most of the consumers, both households and companies, use telephones. Also, having a conversation with the leads ascertain that the data obtained are authentic.
  3. Contact centres have the right people with the right skills. Human capital is undeniably the most important element in any business undertaking. This could not be truer in telephone surveys. That is why service providers make sure that they employ the right people with the right skills. Market research is by far different from the usual cold-calling and thus needs human resources that fits for the task. Telemarketing firms have a skilled workforce, who are highly trained, constantly evaluated and empower to perform as expected or even exceedingly good.


Heighten the Chance of Success of Your Lead Generation Campaign with These Top Tips

telemarketing lead generationOver the years, b2b lead generation has been closely related with telemarketing. Telemarketing for the purpose of generating b2b leads has already made hundreds, to thousands, to even hundreds of thousands of businesses to acclaim their success.

Let us take a look at some of the basic advantages that telemarketing can bring for lead generation campaigns:

  • Close the gap between prospect and business
  • Contact leads and potential clients from miles away with just a phone call
  • Minimal to no wait time required in hearing the prospect’s opinion, feedback, or review
  • Instantly get the word across without the wait

With the aforementioned information, we now know that telemarketing greatly reduces the time it takes for the campaign to reach its completion. Nonetheless, a lead generation telemarketing campaign without the tools or other aspects will just ultimately end in failure. Business owners need to know the right factors needed so that their money spent on the campaign will not all go to waste.

Here are some of the top tips one can follow to augment the chances of their lead generation campaign to achieve a profitable outcome.

Mix it up with other marketing mediums – Telemarketing, though highly effective, is very compatible with other marketing means. For instance, one can mix telemarketing alongside e-mail blasting to lessen the overall cost of the campaign. So instead of spending a lot of money on the telephone bill, the business can first send out a proposition through e-mail and if they respond with interest then that is the time the call will be initiated.

Get the latest in technology – Technology is there to help mankind and most especially business owners with their telemarketing campaign. Therefore, there is no reason to just turn a cold shoulder on the latest gadgets on telecommunications if it will help the campaign significantly. For example, the business can get telephones that have webcam support so that the prospect can actually see the person of whom they are talking to. This is to assure themselves that they are, in fact, talking to a real live human being; and on that note it brings us to our next tip.

As much as possible, do not replace human telemarketers with automated ones – It might be more cost efficient to just replace human sales agents with automated ones; however, these ‘robots’ tend to be less effective than their human counterpart. People like to hear from other people especially when selling is involved. Most people will end the call the second they know that they are listening to an automated message.

Get the most updated telemarketing list – It is a norm for any telemarketing campaign to have a calling list of its own. However, there are many businesses that may not have a lengthy leads list of their own. To resolve this issue, they can purchase a list from credible providers. These providers make sure that their clients get fresh leads whenever they purchase their lists. Hence, the business can even grant themselves an even greater chance to close sales deals from their leads.

Truth be told, these are but some of the many useful tips one can follow for the benefit of their lead generation campaign. Nonetheless, the business can get a better chance of having a successful campaign once they follow these tips.

As soon as these tips are put into action, business owners can reap an even larger array of benefits from their lead generation campaign.

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