How to Reach Australian Companies Without Too Much Stress

b2b telemarketingThese days, more and more businesses want to target companies that are residing in Australian soil. One of the main reasons why this is so is because the country has been widely known for its lush economy. As such, many companies within the land down under has already claimed a stable financial standing and would therefore be great business partners.

In order to reach these companies, many have used various marketing methods in order to get the word across the Australian country about their products, services, and most importantly their brand name. With these marketing methods, there are those means that stand out from above the rest. One such marketing method that proves its greatness time and time again is the process of telemarketing.

Through telemarketing, a business can reach companies in Australia in just a few presses of the buttons on the telephone. As such, travel costs will be put down to a very small amount. Business owners no longer have to pay a very large amount of money for travel fare as they can talk to their prospects in the comforts of their own office chairs.

Telemarketing is a very good asset to have when targeting Australian companies. Still, one should not give in to the temptation to bringing up the campaign in-house if they are in a tight budget. Sure the initial costs for the campaign to be brought up may be low;however, it always needs the right supples and the right technologies in order to make the campaign run smoothly. Hence, business owners may be spending more for their campaign than it is making money for them.

The best solution to go about telemarketing in Australia is to outsource it to an outbound call centre. Through these outsourced telemarketing services, a business owner’s headaches can be lessened out thoroughly. For one thing, they no longer have to think about their telemarketing campaign too much as it is now in the hands of capable telemarketers.

With these outsourced call centre services, telemarketing costs can be brought down to a siginificant amount. Some examples of the costs that are lessened thoroughly are:

  1. training
  2. travel
  3. supplies
  4. utilities
  5. office space


These savings are some of the reasons why these outsourced telemarketing services are better than bringing the campaign in-house.

Aside from the benefit wherein businesses can save a ton of money for their telemarketing campaign, these third party companies also use privacy-compliant lists when targeting companies in Australia. These lists contain leads and prospects that have been carefully gathered and checked (and even rechecked) if a specific entry can be located in the Australian Do-Not-Call Registry. If a particular entry has a match within the registry, then these providers make sure to not call them in order to protect their clientèle’s name.

Through the list that they use, telemarketing in Australia can be dealt with much ease. Business owners no longer have to spend more hours in their important days thinking about how to reach these Australian companies as the call centre can take care of that challenge. They can then think about other important matters for their organizations so that it maintains its competitive standing over other firms.

Getting these outsourced services for one’s telemarketing campaign is provides a huge benefit to just about any business that gets the aid of these call centres. Through these services, targeting Australian companies for one’s marketing campaign has never been this stress free.


The Australian Telemarketing Advantage

Nowadays, business organizations have outsourced their marketing campaigns to those of outbound call centres. The main reasons behind this is because of the direct form of communication that they establish between the organization and the prospect, and telemarketers are the best in the business to effectively market one’s product or service. This notion is especially true to those businesses who are residing in Australia.

There are many benefits that can be attained when one takes advantage of outsourced call centre services. Such benefits will bring an Australian business organization, no matter what scale, to their rightful place within the competition of their respective industries. These benefits include:

  • A business owner can look at a better and more profitable future
  • Expansion of new capital
  • Lowered turnover rates for at-home agents
  • Providing at-home stress free environment
  • Access to a very attractive English accent
  • An overall better client service at a lowered cost

These are but a few of the tons of benefits that can be received once a business outsources their marketing campaigns to telemarketers. Let us gain a better understanding about these benefits by looking at them in turn.

  • A business owner can look at a better and more profitable future

    What better way to outsource a marketing campaign than to leave it into the hands of experts? Telemarketers are the best suited for this job as they have already amassed tons of experience that they can use anytime for their disposal. By having this trait, Australian telemarketers are able to give businesses their own brand of financial success.

  • Expansion of new capital

    When getting outsourced call centre services for one’s marketing campaign, the increase in the Australian business’ rate of income is not far off. As a matter of fact, many businesses residing in the land down under who have outsourced their marketing campaigns have already gained a competitive edge because of the increase in capital brought upon by these telemarketing companies.

  • Lowered turnover rates for at-home agents

    Outsourcing to Australian telemarketing companies also mean that the stress has been lifted from the shoulders of at-home agents. Gone are the days wherein at-home agents are being dealt with extra loads of work for they can rest easy with the current load of work that they currently have. Without the heavy stress resting upon the shoulders of at-home agents, turnover rates for the business organization will be significantly lowered down.

  • Providing at-home stress free environment

    Leaning towards the previous benefit, is not just the at-home agents that are feeling the stress free environment of having to outsource marketing campaigns but also almost every employee within the business organization as well. This provides higher concentration on other operations for the organization to to stay alive and healthy and to maintain their competitive edge over other firms.

  • Access to a very attractive English accent

    Most people love to hear the accent and lingo being spoken by Australians. Hence, prospects have a higher chance of listening to what the call centre agent has to say for they immediately fall in love with the Australian accent. By having this asset, businesses can have an even higher chance of gaining business transactions from their leads and prospects.

  • An overall better client service at a lowered cost

    Outsourcing to Australian call centres provides a marketing solution that is effective in both time and money. By being time and cost effective, business owners can achieve a profitable outcome from the campaign without having to spend too much of their valuable cash.


The New B2B Lead Generation for the 21st Century

b2b lead generationNo business organisation in the United Kingdom can be complacent as it has been before. There are just too many demons, both external and internal, that a British firm have to combat, or else, business will always have a slack condition for the entire year. With a horde of competitors in all-out fashion to dominate a particular market, it will be too foolish not to exert double effort in every business function, especially in core competencies. The instability of the national and world economy is an additional burden. Nobody wants to feel the pangs of reliving what the 2008 recession had inflicted to the Great Britain.

In order to have a strong defense against external factors and to achieve stability and growth, there is a need to pay attention to business-to-business (B2B) lead generation. Every now and then, a UK business entity has to attract sales leads and at the same time keep existing customers happy. The uncertainty that is felt in engaging in business is more than enough to motivate every firm to continue and multiply its endeavor of generating prospects, who will be the qualified sales leads. However, doing B2B lead generation before is actually different from what 21st century has stored for everyone. Many transitions have occurred and new demands have emerged. The only way to deal with this is also to change, not to worse off performance but to gain a better position. So, how does a business organisation in UK execute a successful B2B lead generation this 21stcentury? The list below will tell you.

  • Concentrate on core business. All companies have to give most of their time, money and attention in properly doing their core competencies. There is nothing more disappointing than being incompetent and flawed in one’s core business. Therefore, when resources and current status do not permit a UK firm to get involved with a particular function, then ask for professional help from third parties.
  • Save costs without compromising quality. A British company cannot disburse half of its money in lead generation programs. Instead, it has to craft a campaign that will not incur a lot of expenditures while maintaining high quality in the performance of such undertaking. After all, the core business remains the top priority of every business entity in Great Britain.
  • Develop manpower. Never be contented with the raw material that your marketing and sales people have. Release their potential and hone their skills through personnel development programs. Never expect sales to take effect when you have unpolished employees.
  • Achieve speed and accuracy. Your firm cannot survive a long sales cycle, unless of course it is the normal operating cycle. As much as possible, do lead generation campaigns shorter than it should be in order to realize profits after money has been lost. However, maintain the same degree of accuracy with the needed speed.
  • Collaborate. If you want your firm to focus on your core business, decrease expenses without sacrificing quality, improve internal functions and employee productivity, and  attain swiftness and precision in performing B2B lead generation, then the best option for you is to collaborate with a lead generation specialist. This partner must utilise telemarketing, as its main direct marketing tool, and be supported with other mediums. Some outsourcers breathe their business by shouldering lead generation services of their clients. These telemarketing service providers have acquired advance applications in technology to be at full tilt in their operations. Their employees are trained and skilled to do the task of qualifying sales prospects. Most important is the fact that they have the right formula that will sprout success while your firm is actively involved with internal functions.

The business realm is full of obstacles, and evils are lurking in every corner, always ready to stymie your goal of attaining victory in lead generation. Before you run out of fuel in running this marketing function, ask for professional help from the experts so that you can reserve all your firm’s strengths and weapons in what you do best.


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