B2B Lead Generation Resources Should Serve Sales Productivity

Just because one area of a business is productive doesn’t mean it’ll be productive as a whole. That’s why you need to strategize to make sure that the productivity of one area seamlessly rubs into another.


And one way to ensure productivity is to ensure stable connections and stable communications. Those aren’t just for outbound lead generation campaigns. In fact, the success of such campaigns can rest just as much on the connection between B2B marketers and sales people.


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The Average Cost of Email and Outsourced Telemarketing

When integrating two B2B marketing channels together, it pays more to know how much they’ll cost individually.


It’s no less true when integrating email and telemarketing together.


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How Bad Business Communication Compromises More than B2B Telemarketing

In the IT and ERP software industries, communication obstacles pose as an obstacle to both B2B marketing and servicing clients. As companies are using online technologies to bridge geographical gaps, even mere accents can put a halt to an entire project, operation, deal etc.


Intercultural communication issues are often a much discussed source of conflict between today’s global businesses.


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