Why Outsourced Telemarketing Services are A Better Choice Than In-House Services

Most Canadian B2B firms find it hard to gain more clients and find more prospects. Others who have the needed resources to do so opt to have in-house telemarketing services to aid them in both making sales and in B2B lead generation. However, with the limited number of employees that even a large company can hire, they may not possess big enough a workforce to assign to different tasks. Also, one of the main problems is that before the campaign can be put into effect, a lot of resources will be spent in preparation for it, and what’s more is that there is assurance that the campaign will even succeed. These are just a few reasons on why many others choose to outsource their telemarketing needs even when they have what it takes to have in-house service. Continue reading

Lead Generation Call Centers: Fresh B2B Leads For Your Canadian B2B Firm

Good and fresh Business-to-business sales leads may be difficult to come by for some companies and Canadian. For those who are in dire need of sales, these may just be the solution to their marketing problems. In reality, it is a fact that in today’s modern world of business dealings that leads are needed in order to locate prospective clients to which one can make sales to, or one can have long-term business deals with. Although there are a lot of sources that claim that the leads they offer to their would-be clients are of excellent quality, only a good few ever live true to what they say and can get their clients the positive return on investment that they all hope for. If one is desperately in need of good B2B leads, then perhaps it is time to call upon the services of a lead generation call center. Continue reading

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