Three Traits That You Can Look For In A Telemarketing Firm: Assurance of High-Quality Results

Buying leads of high-quality has always been what every business owner wants however, finding a source for B2B sales leads that give a positive ROI is hard to come by. After all, not all lead generation companies are capable of producing good leads that all firms nowadays need in order to find more prospective clients and make more sales. With this in mind, many business owners seek out the best place type of provider from who they can hope to buy high-quality sales leads from. Some of the best sources however are not lead generation companies but rather professional telemarketing firms. Continue reading

Buying Leads vs Cold Prospecting:Which Would be More Helpful for Merchant Cash Advance Firms?

Buying leads is a powerful strategy utilized by a lot of businesses nowadays. It proves to be a good way of generating revenue and strengthening a company’s foundation.¬† Compared to traditional marketing aides or strategies it assures quality and with that assurance, conversion is also assured. Now, will buying leads be also the best thing for merchant cash advance firms? Or would cold prospecting still be the way to go for merchant cash advance firms? Continue reading

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