How to do Commercial Cleaning Leads Generation in an Affordable Manner

commercial cleaning leads, appointment settingLow cost third party services are very hard to come by, especially when it is for business-to-business commercial cleaning leads generation.


First off, the commercial cleaning sector has a massive population of SMEs (or Small to Medium Enterprises)and a lot of them are startups. Ergo, the size their budget isn’t what you would normally call gigantic. Many office cleaning firms will prefer to focus their budgets in keeping their business alive rather than spending on outside services for marketing help.


As such, commercial cleaning leads generation and appointment setting has become more than a challenge but a long-term endeavor. For one thing, cleaning companies need to find the right marketing company faster than their competitors and they need to search for one that has a pricing scheme that is right up their alley.

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Pay per Call vs Pay per Lead – Let the Games Begin!

pay per call, b2b telemarketing, appointment setting


Both are very cost efficient outsourced call centers schemes for b2b lead generation and appointment setting. Businesspeople use this to their advantage in order for their organizations and businesses to gain qualified business leads at a price that is easy on their wallets. This is perfect for startups that want to gain advantage over competitors even at the early stages of their business’ existence.


True that both are affordable outsourced lead generation methods, but only one program can reign supreme as the top low-cost b2b marketing medium. Let us consider and weigh our options on these two programs to see which of the two is really the best outsourced call center program.

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How to Deal with B2B Lead Generation in an Affordable Manner

b2b lead generation, pay per call, call centerHave you ever considered getting outsourced b2b lead generation services only to back away in shame as soon as you look at the price of such marketing aid? Have you ever sought out less effective methods for getting qualified leads due to your disappointment on a pricing scheme that you can’t afford?


There is no cause for shame as you are part of the thousands, and even millions of other businesspeople and marketers out there who have backed away as soon as they see the hefty price tag of outsourced services. After all, you want to gain profit from your b2b marketing campaign; you don’t want to break even or, worse, lose the money you invested on it.


As such, there is a need for a more low-costing solution for outsourced b2b lead generation.


Enter the pay per call telemarketing program. Though similar sounding to pay per lead or pay per appointment, it is in a whole different league between these two outsourced marketing schemes.

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