The Australian Telemarketing Advantage

Nowadays, business organizations have outsourced their marketing campaigns to those of outbound call centres. The main reasons behind this is because of the direct form of communication that they establish between the organization and the prospect, and telemarketers are the best in the business to effectively market one’s product or service. This notion is especially true to those businesses who are residing in Australia.

There are many benefits that can be attained when one takes advantage of outsourced call centre services. Such benefits will bring an Australian business organization, no matter what scale, to their rightful place within the competition of their respective industries. These benefits include:

  • A business owner can look at a better and more profitable future
  • Expansion of new capital
  • Lowered turnover rates for at-home agents
  • Providing at-home stress free environment
  • Access to a very attractive English accent
  • An overall better client service at a lowered cost

These are but a few of the tons of benefits that can be received once a business outsources their marketing campaigns to telemarketers. Let us gain a better understanding about these benefits by looking at them in turn.

  • A business owner can look at a better and more profitable future

    What better way to outsource a marketing campaign than to leave it into the hands of experts? Telemarketers are the best suited for this job as they have already amassed tons of experience that they can use anytime for their disposal. By having this trait, Australian telemarketers are able to give businesses their own brand of financial success.

  • Expansion of new capital

    When getting outsourced call centre services for one’s marketing campaign, the increase in the Australian business’ rate of income is not far off. As a matter of fact, many businesses residing in the land down under who have outsourced their marketing campaigns have already gained a competitive edge because of the increase in capital brought upon by these telemarketing companies.

  • Lowered turnover rates for at-home agents

    Outsourcing to Australian telemarketing companies also mean that the stress has been lifted from the shoulders of at-home agents. Gone are the days wherein at-home agents are being dealt with extra loads of work for they can rest easy with the current load of work that they currently have. Without the heavy stress resting upon the shoulders of at-home agents, turnover rates for the business organization will be significantly lowered down.

  • Providing at-home stress free environment

    Leaning towards the previous benefit, is not just the at-home agents that are feeling the stress free environment of having to outsource marketing campaigns but also almost every employee within the business organization as well. This provides higher concentration on other operations for the organization to to stay alive and healthy and to maintain their competitive edge over other firms.

  • Access to a very attractive English accent

    Most people love to hear the accent and lingo being spoken by Australians. Hence, prospects have a higher chance of listening to what the call centre agent has to say for they immediately fall in love with the Australian accent. By having this asset, businesses can have an even higher chance of gaining business transactions from their leads and prospects.

  • An overall better client service at a lowered cost

    Outsourcing to Australian call centres provides a marketing solution that is effective in both time and money. By being time and cost effective, business owners can achieve a profitable outcome from the campaign without having to spend too much of their valuable cash.


Phone Verification Through Outsourced Telemarketing Services

Updating an in-house client database can sometimes become a very tedious work to accomplish. Updating their databases can be seen as another stressful task to accomplish. Still, it should not be looked at as an unimportant role for the business. If business owners have neither the time nor the resources to build an in-house team for updating their consumer and client databases, then they do not need to worry as they can outsource the service in a telemarketing company.

Phone verification is just one of many services that telemarketing companies can provide businesses. Through phone verification, telemarketing representatives are able to to confirm a client’s status as to what is their level of interest towards the business. Additionally, they can confirm and update all the necessary information with the business’ database. Doing so enables the business to not lose any of their precious clients and always keep a strong competitive edge over other organizations within their industry.

A telemarketer’s level of respect is astounding as they are able to completely and effectively handle any type of rejection and objection that they might come across within their calls. Even though they are just confirming various data within the database towards the business’ clientele, objections and rejections are still far too common for a telemarketer’s cold call.

Telemarketers are exceptionally good at requesting for the necessary information within a business’ clientele. Most people might think that you are just confirming data so it means that he job is very easy, when in fact it is not.

Cold calling clients means that there is a slight chance that these telemarketers have interrupted their clientele with something important. As such, there are times that clients tend to be agitated and irritated during the course of the cold call. Telemarketers are able to effectively pacify and contain such clients with their high degree of respect and professionalism in order to acquire all the necessary data that they need.

For a better understanding on this matter, let us take a look at two examples. The first one will be that of an inexperienced representative doing data verification while the other will be that of a highly experienced telemarketer.

Good day Mr./Ms. —– I work for —- and we have found that you have been an existing client within our database. I would just like to verify if…”

In this example, the inexperienced representative is too straight forward. This scenario seems as though the representative is trying to pin the client up against the wall to try and get the necessary information. What might happen is that the client may become even more irritated and opt to look for other businesses to make transactions with. This is very unsatisfactory when it comes to keeping the business afloat. Now, let us take a look at how an experienced telemarketer handles data verification.

Good day Mr./Ms. —- My name is —- How are you today? Is this a good time to call? (If yes) Actually, we are a company called —- and we have found that you are one of our loyal customers. We would just like to verify some data within our database if the information here is correct, is that OK with you?”

In this manner, the telemarketer has an advantage over the inexperienced representative as they approach their clients with a friendly and professional manner.

Looking at these two examples, we can safely say that outsourcing in telemarketers for phone verification services is the right way to go for any business that wants to update their client database.


Get Quality Leads with Your Data Backup Business

Data backup is the term used for copying data into a different storage in order to keep it out of reach of harms way if such an even occurs. For almost any kind of business, their precious data is stored in computers and servers and is probably the most important item within the organization. Should the data inside the current storage will be deleted or corrupted by any means then the business will either have to start from scratch into building up the database or the organization itself will not last for long.

With this in mind, many IT organizations can now backup data for other companies so that their precious data can always be safe. For these data backup businesses, searching for these other companies should be handled by experts that can provide them with quality lead generation services. Telemarketing firms are among the best in the biz when it comes to achieving the best results for one’s IT lead generation campaign.

IT telemarketing firms are the best option when it comes to outsourcing a data backup business’ lead generation campaign for a number of reasons.

  • They are experts in gathering data backup leads

    A telemarketing firm the specializes in gathering leads within the IT industry has expert telemarketers handling the campaign. These call center agents are able to let their client’s prospects engage in a conversation with them so that the data backup business can acquire long-term business relationships with these leads.


  • An IT telemarketing firm makes sure that their telemarketers are well-trained

    When it comes to training their telemarketers, these telemarketing firms that specializes in the IT industry will always keep their agents skills and talents in top condition. By doing so, these agents can handle any type of objection or rejection that they may come across during a cold call.


  • Outsourcing one’s lead generation campaign for acquiring data backup leads means better quality of work at lesser the cost

    There are many IT businesses that might think the creating the lead generation campaign in house is the more cost effective solution. This is true at only the first few phases of the campaign. To keep the campaign for long periods of time, the IT business needs to spend a ton of money to sufficiently supply the campaign. Outsourcing it to these experts provides instant expertise at lowered capital costs.

These reasons are but a few of the many understanding as to why outsourcing to an IT telemarketing firm for the data backup business’ lead generation is the better option. Furthermore, these reasons will allow the campaign to be able to generate high quality leads. The leads gathered through these outsourced services can let the business have the greatest chances of acquiring transactions out of them, and even long-term business relationships.

A telemarketing firm that specializes in the IT industry can offer tons of other benefits for the data backup business. For instance:

  • The telemarketing firm can give the data backup business a competitive edge

    Searching for leads can be quite rigorous and the competition between other data backup businesses certainly does not help. Telemarketing firms are able to effectively reach out to their client’s leads making lead generation processes faster and smoother to accomplish.

  • Outsourcing telemarketing services to these IT experts enables the data backup business to create a stress free environment within their organization’s walls

    Getting a stress free environment within the data backup business will let their internal workforce to concentrate on their daily tasks with a more goal oriented attitude. This allows the business to further their development and growth of their finances among other things.

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