The 3 Things You Did Not Expect to Know About Outbound Telemarketing Call Centers

business call centerOutsourcing to telemarketers. Hmm… Probably not a good idea.


This is probably the first thing that you will think about when you hear the words outsourcing and telemarketing in one sentence. For many, telemarketers are the bane of one’s existence. The pushiness, the irritability, and their innate ability to mess up someone’s day is somewhat astounding.


Although annoying for the day to day consumer, b2b telemarketers are a joy to organizations around the globe. The stereotypical aspect of call center agents being annoying has been brought upon angry consumers that might have all the luck to talk to an angry, an irate, or even a downright pushy telemarketer.


Nonetheless, this is not the true course for all call center representatives. In fact, telemarketers trained in advertising and marketing within the b2b aspect has brought about tons of good for a ton of organizations. In short, if you are lucky enough to be in an industry that such a telemarketing call center has an expertise of then your organization’s financial success is already set in stone.


Here are some of the things that B2B call centers can aid you with that you may (or may not) know of yet:


  1. Savings abound!

    The first thing that most businesspeople will consider when getting the services of a third party provider is the cost. In other words, how much will it hurt their budget.


    Outsourcing to a reliable telemarketing call center allows an organization to allow access to more savings due to the fact that the business no longer has to expend more cash on their own marketing team. The organization no longer has to expend cash on expanding their sales and marketing team. They can leave the marketing to the experts and let their salespeople focus on closing sales; all the while saving up on tons of cash.


  2. Near instant expertise

    Many will think that once the plan for outsourcing is a go, the organization still needs to take in a considerable amount of time to let the telemarketers train for the upcoming campaign.


    This is a stereotypical myth for most b2b call centers of late already have expert agents with years of experience working for the company. Hence, it will only take a matter of days to get the marketing campaign up and running.


    Need sales leads for your organization and within due time? Outsource to a professional telemarketing call center today!


  3. Follow leads and appointments in real time

    One of the best deals that you can get with outsourcing to a professional telemarketing service is you can coordinate with them through the use of a pipeline. Most of the time this is just a web-based application so you no longer have to download anything. So if your prioritizing your marketing campaign to handle lead generation and b2b appointment setting, then you can bet that you won’t have to miss another appointment ever again.


Curious as to how you can benefit from these things? Then try contacting a reliable outbound telemarketing call center today!


Why Telemarketing Suits as The Right Medium in Conducting Consumer Market Surveys

Every Australian company does not just want to achieve high-quality in its products. It also desires to attain marketability. This is so because a good or service, even if affordable and first-class, will not fare well if the intended consumers do not like it. Though a big factor in the buying decision, quality is not the sole standard that entice buyers. First and foremost, customers purchase those things that they prefer the most. This is what business organisations in the Land Down Under is searching for. They seek to know what their target market looks for in a product, from the packaging down to the brand name. If they gain the right knowledge, they can recreate produce that consumers are interested to buy.

There is a considerable number of mediums that can be used to conduct consumer market surveys. For one, there is this door-to-door interaction. Though it accurately gets the needed data directly from the prospective and existing clients, this consumes a lot of time and money. This is not ideal for small and medium-sized business owners. Direct mail is another tool. But, its low response rate makes it difficult to evaluate the results. Email blasting is the newest addition. Its inexpensive way attracts firms to choose this one among the multiple choices. However, there are times that the mails go to the spam section or left unread. Also, the messages may not be catered to the intended audience.

Apart from those aforementioned channels, telemarketing is another tool relied on by some Australian companies. The use of the telephone is not limited only to cold-calling, lead generation and appointment setting. Telephone survey is now one of the works that can be handled properly. Contact centres are extending their competencies to this research campaign. After all, they have the adequate resources needed to run a program. Now, let us know why telemarketing in Australia suits well in managing market research. The following list enumerates some of the reasons:

  1. Call centre services are low-cost. Small and medium business owners that are struggling with finances can still administer a consumer market survey through outsourcing. Companies can gain access to the assets-human resources, technology, facility, proven methodologies- used by call centres by laying off a fraction of the total cost.
  2. It is fast and accurate. No other medium can obtain accuracy and high speed at the same time than the use of the telephone. Through the assistance of an updated calling list, targeted business leads are communicated in a matter of seconds. After which, the calling agents go through the survey part. This ease of connection and accessibility are owing to the the fact that most of the consumers, both households and companies, use telephones. Also, having a conversation with the leads ascertain that the data obtained are authentic.
  3. Contact centres have the right people with the right skills. Human capital is undeniably the most important element in any business undertaking. This could not be truer in telephone surveys. That is why service providers make sure that they employ the right people with the right skills. Market research is by far different from the usual cold-calling and thus needs human resources that fits for the task. Telemarketing firms have a skilled workforce, who are highly trained, constantly evaluated and empower to perform as expected or even exceedingly good.


B2B Telemarketing: Understanding It’s Great Possibilities

One of the main advantages of outsourcing to a b2b telemarketing service provider is acquiring their ability to use multiple telemarketers to get a business’ message out in a huff. Unless a business is large enough that it can handle a full scale telemarketing campaign, a telemarketing company can make hundreds or even thousands of calls in a very short amount of time.

There are many times wherein building a specialized team in-house to do b2b telemarketing can become a handful. For one thing, supplementing the team with the necessary tools and utilities can put a huge drain to a business’ money bank. Furthermore, the team has to be built from the ground up so tendencies are the campaign will become more of a trial and error period at its early stages. Most brand new in-house teams that do telemarketing campaigns are very inexperienced when it comes to letting their prospects engage in a dialogue with them.

In-house telemarketing teams are mostly seen as far less suited to start a marketing campaign. Aside from the necessary expenses on keeping the in-house campaign alive, business owners also has to supply the telemarketing list for the campaign. This can also add up to the company’s budget to look like more of a sink hole than a bank.

There are some advantages to building an in-house team to do b2b telemarketing procedures. For one thing, business owners can take full control over the marketing campaign. These managers and supervisors of a business can train their team face-to-face in order to bring out their business’ selling points and techniques within each of the members within the team. By achieving this, they can get an adequate amount of information so that the members of the sales team can leave no stone unturned when giving out the necessary facts to their prospects.

These advantages can be mostly applicable to those business organizations that are large enough to sustain their very own telemarketing campaign. Every other businesses can readily outsource their b2b marketing campaign to that of a telemarketing company. One of the main reasons as to why this is most beneficial to most small and medium scale businesses is because they rarely have the necessary manpower and funding to keep an in-house telemarketing campaign for over long periods of time.

Others may think that hiring the services of college students, retirees, or other part-timers is the more cost effective solution. That may be so, however, these people usually lack the necessary skills and most importantly the training.

One good thing about outsourcing outsourcing to a third party telemarketing services provider that specializes in b2b transactions is they have their own telemarketing list to help them with their cold calls. Most telemarketing services providers have lists that are so vast that it contains thousands of data entries within; some providers even have millions of entries within their telemarketing lists.

Additionally, these third party telemarketing companies always keep their lists up to date. Hence the campaign will always have the highest chances of acquiring quality leads, appointments, and most importantly business deals from valuable prospects.

The telemarketing services provider can also handle their own employee turnovers. Business owners no longer has to deal with the provider’s number of employees as the telephone marketing company can stand on their own feet when it comes to handling such tasks. Before one may notice, their business’ telemarketing campaign is already in the starting line for their own brand of financial success.

A business owner should always consider hiring the best telemarketing firm on the map. One should look for a company with a decent and proven track record of successfully completed telemarketing campaigns within the same industry. Business owners should also deliver the necessary information towards the representatives of whom they have outsourced to in order to provide them with the right tools in meeting the business’ expectations.


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