Why Many Lead Generation Campaigns Suffer from Poor Sales Output


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Starting out a lead generation campaign does not entirely mean that you can get long-term clients from the marketing course. Heck, it’s not even a high probability that you will get a client in the first place. But don’t be afraid just yet; always keep in mind that every problem has a solution. However, we need to know what generates this problem in order to come up with a solution.


Brian Caroll from the B2B Lead Roundtable blog has written an article as to why this negative possibility is, well, possible. The article, which is entitled Lead Generation: How 64% of marketers starve Sales of opportunity, teaches us the reasons as to why we are suffering from poor sales production even with a strong marketing process for generating b2b leads.


First of all, Brian states: “64% of marketers still send all leads that respond to marketing campaigns directly to Sales.”


This is a very sad truth. It means that many marketers of today will already equate a single lead to a closed sale. In other words, the business lead has just been recently passed after which the salesperson will automatically push for a sale. Where’s the lead management procedures? Where’s the lead nurturing processes? In the end, all what’s taken into account is a lost lead.


Next, Brian states: “59% still don’t have lead nurturing programs.”


This is yet another harsh truth to consider. We must always encourage and implement a lead nurturing structure. As stated earlier, many don’t follow a lead management procedure when instead they just go off and try to push for a sale right after the business lead has been passed to their sales pipeline.


To manage and nurture business leads effectively, businesses need to keep their potential clients updated from time to time. Keep them at pique interests with up to the minute news and updates about the company’s status or about its products and/or services. In time, that business lead will become a full-fledged client for the company.


After which, Brian stated in his article: “Companies that nurture leads receive a 45% higher return on lead generation investment.”


Brian Caroll states it all in his recent article. When a company uses lead management and nurturing procedures then they automatically have a higher return of investment from their marketing efforts. Yes it means one needs to exert more effort in order for them to close a sale; but what’s a bit more effort if the rewards are very fruitful. Think about it, big time enterprises did not rise up to be industry superpowers in a day when in fact they took a considerable amount of time and effort to make it to where they stand now.


All of this seems a bit too tough especially if you still have a startup business. Again, remember that there will always be a solution to every problem, and that includes this one. Many companies will opt to outsource to a business call center for them to cater to generating, managing, nurturing, and even qualifying leads.


What’s your take on countering a poor sales output from lead generation?


The 3 Things You Did Not Expect to Know About Outbound Telemarketing Call Centers

business call centerOutsourcing to telemarketers. Hmm… Probably not a good idea.


This is probably the first thing that you will think about when you hear the words outsourcing and telemarketing in one sentence. For many, telemarketers are the bane of one’s existence. The pushiness, the irritability, and their innate ability to mess up someone’s day is somewhat astounding.


Although annoying for the day to day consumer, b2b telemarketers are a joy to organizations around the globe. The stereotypical aspect of call center agents being annoying has been brought upon angry consumers that might have all the luck to talk to an angry, an irate, or even a downright pushy telemarketer.


Nonetheless, this is not the true course for all call center representatives. In fact, telemarketers trained in advertising and marketing within the b2b aspect has brought about tons of good for a ton of organizations. In short, if you are lucky enough to be in an industry that such a telemarketing call center has an expertise of then your organization’s financial success is already set in stone.


Here are some of the things that B2B call centers can aid you with that you may (or may not) know of yet:


  1. Savings abound!

    The first thing that most businesspeople will consider when getting the services of a third party provider is the cost. In other words, how much will it hurt their budget.


    Outsourcing to a reliable telemarketing call center allows an organization to allow access to more savings due to the fact that the business no longer has to expend more cash on their own marketing team. The organization no longer has to expend cash on expanding their sales and marketing team. They can leave the marketing to the experts and let their salespeople focus on closing sales; all the while saving up on tons of cash.


  2. Near instant expertise

    Many will think that once the plan for outsourcing is a go, the organization still needs to take in a considerable amount of time to let the telemarketers train for the upcoming campaign.


    This is a stereotypical myth for most b2b call centers of late already have expert agents with years of experience working for the company. Hence, it will only take a matter of days to get the marketing campaign up and running.


    Need sales leads for your organization and within due time? Outsource to a professional telemarketing call center today!


  3. Follow leads and appointments in real time

    One of the best deals that you can get with outsourcing to a professional telemarketing service is you can coordinate with them through the use of a pipeline. Most of the time this is just a web-based application so you no longer have to download anything. So if your prioritizing your marketing campaign to handle lead generation and b2b appointment setting, then you can bet that you won’t have to miss another appointment ever again.


Curious as to how you can benefit from these things? Then try contacting a reliable outbound telemarketing call center today!


Outsourced Telemarketing Services: The Key Partners for a Company’s Survival

When contacting those companies in Singapore for one’s marketing campaign, it is of great importance to know anything and everything there is about the country first. Without this kind of understanding about the Singaporean culture and their economy, a business’ marketing campaign is sure to be made into a huge flop rather than an outstanding success. Once the business has attained this high level of expertise over the country, then they can assure themselves of a fruitful outcome from their marketing campaign.

One way to to contact these Singaporean companies is to employ the use of telemarketing within one’s in-house operations. B2B Telemarketing is a great way to advertise the business’ products and services to their targeted markets; which in this case are those companies located in Singapore. This marketing medium allows the gap between the business and their Singaporean prospects to be closer, if not filled. It is because a sales representative can readily talk with their Singaporean prospects without even having to spend a dime on travel fare.

Even though travel costs for the marketing campaign will be cut down significantly, bringing the campaign in-house is still not the best option one can take. One of the best solutions for the marketing campaign is to outsource the service to telemarketing companies; more specifically those that have already gathered a decent amount of knowledge and understanding for the country of Singapore. There are many reasons as to why outsourcing to a cold calling firm is the best path to take for one’s marketing campaign. Here are some of those reasons.

  • Gain instant expertise

    The first reason to come up on this list is that outsourcing one’s marketing campaign to telemarketing companies will allow the marketing campaign to instantly acquire the necessary knowledge and understanding about the culture and economy of Singapore. By doing so, a business can then gain more of their prospect’s praise rather than their harmful complaints.

  • Lowered training costs

    These telephone marketing companies can handle their staff’s training. As such, business owners need not worry about training them as the telemarketing firm can handle it themselves. Business owners also do not need to delegate more tasks to their employees to do the campaign as it would most likely make their lives a lot more stressful.

  • Lowered completion time for the campaign

    If there is one thing that business owners do not want to happen it is the time wasted on a long completion time for their marketing campaigns. Long completion times mean dozens, even hundreds of opportunities will be lost towards the competition. Outsourcing to these telemarketing firms allows the campaign to have a shorter completion time for their sales process. Hence, no opportunities can be lost to the opposition.

  • Accurately target Singaporean prospects

    Cold calling experts use a highly extensive lead database that contains numerous entries about possible Singaporean clients. The number of entries within their database can rack up to hundreds, to even thousands (and an even possible millions) of highly suitable prospects for one’s marketing campaign. Furthermore, these firms make sure that the database stays up-to-date to let businesses acquire precision targeting of their leads as a great asset for the campaign.

These are but some of the main reasons as to why outsourcing to highly skilled telemarketers is the best way to go about contacting Singaporean prospects. Tons more benefits await business owners and their organizations once they are able to get the aid of a suitable and reliable telemarketing firm for their campaigns.

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