The Australian Telemarketing Advantage

Nowadays, business organizations have outsourced their marketing campaigns to those of outbound call centres. The main reasons behind this is because of the direct form of communication that they establish between the organization and the prospect, and telemarketers are the best in the business to effectively market one’s product or service. This notion is especially true to those businesses who are residing in Australia.

There are many benefits that can be attained when one takes advantage of outsourced call centre services. Such benefits will bring an Australian business organization, no matter what scale, to their rightful place within the competition of their respective industries. These benefits include:

  • A business owner can look at a better and more profitable future
  • Expansion of new capital
  • Lowered turnover rates for at-home agents
  • Providing at-home stress free environment
  • Access to a very attractive English accent
  • An overall better client service at a lowered cost

These are but a few of the tons of benefits that can be received once a business outsources their marketing campaigns to telemarketers. Let us gain a better understanding about these benefits by looking at them in turn.

  • A business owner can look at a better and more profitable future

    What better way to outsource a marketing campaign than to leave it into the hands of experts? Telemarketers are the best suited for this job as they have already amassed tons of experience that they can use anytime for their disposal. By having this trait, Australian telemarketers are able to give businesses their own brand of financial success.

  • Expansion of new capital

    When getting outsourced call centre services for one’s marketing campaign, the increase in the Australian business’ rate of income is not far off. As a matter of fact, many businesses residing in the land down under who have outsourced their marketing campaigns have already gained a competitive edge because of the increase in capital brought upon by these telemarketing companies.

  • Lowered turnover rates for at-home agents

    Outsourcing to Australian telemarketing companies also mean that the stress has been lifted from the shoulders of at-home agents. Gone are the days wherein at-home agents are being dealt with extra loads of work for they can rest easy with the current load of work that they currently have. Without the heavy stress resting upon the shoulders of at-home agents, turnover rates for the business organization will be significantly lowered down.

  • Providing at-home stress free environment

    Leaning towards the previous benefit, is not just the at-home agents that are feeling the stress free environment of having to outsource marketing campaigns but also almost every employee within the business organization as well. This provides higher concentration on other operations for the organization to to stay alive and healthy and to maintain their competitive edge over other firms.

  • Access to a very attractive English accent

    Most people love to hear the accent and lingo being spoken by Australians. Hence, prospects have a higher chance of listening to what the call centre agent has to say for they immediately fall in love with the Australian accent. By having this asset, businesses can have an even higher chance of gaining business transactions from their leads and prospects.

  • An overall better client service at a lowered cost

    Outsourcing to Australian call centres provides a marketing solution that is effective in both time and money. By being time and cost effective, business owners can achieve a profitable outcome from the campaign without having to spend too much of their valuable cash.


What is the Best Viral Marketing Technique?

You probably heard about viral marketing and what it can do in advertising a business’ merchandise or services. Once you initiate a viral marketing program the next step to take is an imminent enjoyment of your company’s own brand of success.

It isn’t called “viral” for nothing. If you undergo any method concerning viral marketing, you can expect people to hear about your business like wildfire spreads through a forest. However, there are many methods encompassing viral marketing. So the question is, which viral marketing method is the right one for your?

Internet SEO and Blogging
Ah the Internet… What can we do without it. Today, almost every information nowadays can be found with just a few keystrokes on the keyboard and a few mouse clicks. If you have your own website, then you probably heard about doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on it. This is where you make sure that your targeted keywords will allow your site to be crawled by big search engine names (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing). Couple this with making a steady amount of content for readers and you got yourself a lead generation machine.

However, it takes quite a while to rank in search engines. So if you’re in a hurry, then may not be the best technique for you. But if you can spare the time it takes to build a high page ranking site then go for it.

Television and Radio
Good old fashioned TV and radio. Even if the existence of computers, smart phones, and other Internet capable devices, people still watch TV and listen to the radio quite a lot. Investing on radio and television ads may be the key element to spearheading your sales campaign and bringing it to an all time high.

Nonetheless, these advertisements will let you shell out a ton of money. On television ads alone, you have to consider the payment for the actors you have to hire and that alone will make your wallet bleed cash.

Outbound Lead Generation Services from a Call Center
A lot of people dislike the idea of getting a call from telemarketers, but if your marketing campaign is focused on business to business then this may be the best viral marketing solution for your company. Getting lead generation telemarketing services is better than most marketing methods since you are going to cut costs for your campaign.

First off, you no longer have to spend cash in hiring and training more salespeople. Experience and expertise can then be acquired almost instantly aside from building it from the ground up. Such services also allows you to take hold of precisely targeted leads, in which will also save you an immense amount of time searching for the decision makers you want to talk to.

So which one of these methods is the right viral marketing method for you? Choose and weigh your options wisely as your choice may very well be the ticket to your business’ success. Don’t waste too much time choosing though as your competitors are searching for quality leads as you do.

Some Myths Regarding B2B Telemarketing for Lead Generation

Telemarketing has been brought with a lot of negativity over the past years. There are many telemarketers who do not know how to give importance to their prospect’s current condition. People can spread bad rumors like wildfire, as such, if a telemarketer has annoyed them in the slightest bit there might be some unnecessary information that can be added. Friends, families, and other persons who have heard such stories can instantly believe what other people will tell them; most especially if they trust those people.

In those rumors that have been spread about telemarketing, myths have come up out of the ground and has reached the ears of many people worldwide. Let us look at some of those myths.

Myth #1: A telemarketing company has only one goal and that is to make a sale
Telemarketing companies do have “making a sale” as one of their goals but it’s not the only one. As a matter of fact, tons of these companies want to make long lasting business relationships with other organizations. Therefore, the sale can wait for later as it will most inadvertently come. Their first priority will always be to build the foundation of trust between their client’s business and their prospects. Once the trust between parties has been firmly established, both businesses can then talk about making deals as to how will they benefit each other. The end result will be a win-win situation for all parties.

Myth #2: Even though they are professionals, telemarketers treat prospects as just another phone number to call
There’s a reason why these call center agents are called professionals. One of the requirements of them having this line of work is for these professional telemarketers to be as human as possible when doing cold calls. This means that they should always treat prospects with the utmost respect as possible when talking to them. They know that in order to receive respect from their prospects they should always be the first one to give it.

Myth #3: Telemarketing companies just call random people for their sales campaigns
A telemarketing company usually has a very extensive database that contains thousands upon millions of entries from all sorts of business sectors. However, it does not mean that they just pick out a number from their database and call it immediately. Their target marketing will depend on what industry, profession, country, or any other category that their clientele wants to aim for. Once they know which market to look for, they can focus on that specific group as their main objective.

Myth #4: Professional telemarketers do not do well with their prospect’s point of view
As a telemarketer, they know full well that all sorts of objections and rejections are always there within a cold call. These outbound call center agents are specifically trained in this aspect so that they can adapt to any kind of situation that they may come across during a call. Furthermore, most of these telemarketers do not have just one training session to learn about handling all these negativity from prospects. As a matter of fact, they train from time and time again in order to hone their skills further and not to let it dwindle down.

Myth #5: Telemarketing companies can only do one kind of service which is telesales
Today, telemarketing has evolved into all sorts of services and not just telesales. So if a client wants to gather leads for their business, give surveys to existing clients, confirm specific information from customers, or the usual telesales campaign, these telemarketing companies are sure to cater to the needs of their client’s businesses.

Most of us have experienced receiving calls from telemarketers selling us their products and or services and I bet you will agree with me that we find it annoying especially when you are in the middle of your work or waiting for a very important call. However, telemarketing is an effective channel of generating sales leads for businesses in b2b industry. It takes a skilled- professional telemarketer to have an effective telemarketing campaign.

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