Let go of Your Doubts About Telemarketing

Ever since the invention of the telephone, many people have been using this marvel as a means to get a word across. Whether it may be just saying Hi or Hello to the people that are near and dear to you, towards the purpose of advertising an organisation to a specific type of market. Other than these two objectives, people make use of the telephone for other intentions that are somewhat impossible to be done in other means. Continue reading

Some Myths Regarding B2B Telemarketing for Lead Generation

Telemarketing has been brought with a lot of negativity over the past years. There are many telemarketers who do not know how to give importance to their prospect’s current condition. People can spread bad rumors like wildfire, as such, if a telemarketer has annoyed them in the slightest bit there might be some unnecessary information that can be added. Friends, families, and other persons who have heard such stories can instantly believe what other people will tell them; most especially if they trust those people.

In those rumors that have been spread about telemarketing, myths have come up out of the ground and has reached the ears of many people worldwide. Let us look at some of those myths.

Myth #1: A telemarketing company has only one goal and that is to make a sale
Telemarketing companies do have “making a sale” as one of their goals but it’s not the only one. As a matter of fact, tons of these companies want to make long lasting business relationships with other organizations. Therefore, the sale can wait for later as it will most inadvertently come. Their first priority will always be to build the foundation of trust between their client’s business and their prospects. Once the trust between parties has been firmly established, both businesses can then talk about making deals as to how will they benefit each other. The end result will be a win-win situation for all parties.

Myth #2: Even though they are professionals, telemarketers treat prospects as just another phone number to call
There’s a reason why these call center agents are called professionals. One of the requirements of them having this line of work is for these professional telemarketers to be as human as possible when doing cold calls. This means that they should always treat prospects with the utmost respect as possible when talking to them. They know that in order to receive respect from their prospects they should always be the first one to give it.

Myth #3: Telemarketing companies just call random people for their sales campaigns
A telemarketing company usually has a very extensive database that contains thousands upon millions of entries from all sorts of business sectors. However, it does not mean that they just pick out a number from their database and call it immediately. Their target marketing will depend on what industry, profession, country, or any other category that their clientele wants to aim for. Once they know which market to look for, they can focus on that specific group as their main objective.

Myth #4: Professional telemarketers do not do well with their prospect’s point of view
As a telemarketer, they know full well that all sorts of objections and rejections are always there within a cold call. These outbound call center agents are specifically trained in this aspect so that they can adapt to any kind of situation that they may come across during a call. Furthermore, most of these telemarketers do not have just one training session to learn about handling all these negativity from prospects. As a matter of fact, they train from time and time again in order to hone their skills further and not to let it dwindle down.

Myth #5: Telemarketing companies can only do one kind of service which is telesales
Today, telemarketing has evolved into all sorts of services and not just telesales. So if a client wants to gather leads for their business, give surveys to existing clients, confirm specific information from customers, or the usual telesales campaign, these telemarketing companies are sure to cater to the needs of their client’s businesses.

Most of us have experienced receiving calls from telemarketers selling us their products and or services and I bet you will agree with me that we find it annoying especially when you are in the middle of your work or waiting for a very important call. However, telemarketing is an effective channel of generating sales leads for businesses in b2b industry. It takes a skilled- professional telemarketer to have an effective telemarketing campaign.

The Characteristics of the Right Lead Provider

Consumers are always in search for the right company or the right brand name that is the most popular in terms of giving the highest quality products and services. The main reason for this is that consumers need to assure themselves that they get the right product or service that can fill their needs that they know will get their money’s worth.

The same goes for business that wants to outsource their lead generation campaign in a telemarketing company. Business owners need to know that the lead provider that they will be getting is highly competent in meeting expectations and can enable them to get their money’s worth once the service has been outsourced.

For these business owners to know which lead generation company they should outsource their campaign for generating leads with, there are important determinants to take into high consideration before forming a contract with the said company. Some of these important determinants include:


  • Checking for client history
  • Assurance of qualified and even pre-qualified sales leads
  • Double checking of the company’s feedback rating
  • Ensuring good employee attitude
  • Comparison of costs between other lead generation companies


Let us take a look at these important determinants in turn.


  • Checking for client history


Lead providers that have a rich history of helping clients from multiple forms of business have a higher competency that others. One of the main logic behind this is because the experts in the lead generation company has already amassed tons of experience that can help a business owner achieve in acquiring the number of qualified sales leads that they desire.


  • Assurance of qualified and even pre-qualified sales leads


Leaning towards the first determinant, it is important for businesses to assure themselves of qualified and even pre-qualified sales leads for their lead generation campaign. Many lead generation companies provide business with a short-term campaign that can be equated to that of a trial run for the real campaign itself.


  • Double checking of the company’s feedback rating


Checking out the lead generation company’s feedback rating should also be taken into high consideration. This allows business owners to check if the company has a good history for giving client’s the satisfaction of having a successful lead generation campaign.


  • Ensuring good employee attitude


Employee attitude can be seen in two different categories: attitude towards work and attitude towards sales leads. First of all, good work attitude provides better results for the campaign as prospects may be able to immediately tell that they are affiliating themselves with the right business. In addition, the right attitude towards sales leads should also be taken into consideration. Experts must always be respectful and professional towards their prospects no matter what the situation.


  • Comparison of costs between other lead generation companies


Lastly, lead generation companies need not cost a business an arm and a leg. It is important to take into consideration the price of outsourcing the campaign.

If a business has all these determinants put into high consideration but still wants to get quality leads at a fraction of the cost, then they can always opt for outsourced lead generation services. That way, businesses are able to save a lot of cash from handling their own marketing campaign.


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