The Average Cost of Email and Outsourced Telemarketing

When integrating two B2B marketing channels together, it pays more to know how much they’ll cost individually.


It’s no less true when integrating email and telemarketing together.


But first, here’s a brief recap on why these two methods work so well. Telemarketing carries with it the quick flexibility that is still lacking in text communication. The conversations make for faster qualification and a more human connection with a prospect.


Email on the other hand is less direct which makes it less intrusive. It’s used when you don’t want to unintentionally disrupt a prospect to ask their permission and works well with inbound strategies.


Secondly, if WebShoppe is to be believed,  the numbers indicate that email is significantly cheaper than direct mail campaigns:



50,000 Direct Mailings/email Direct Messaging Print Email
Production (or artwork) $1500 $300
Digital Proofing $120 $0
Printing, Binding, Addressing $26,000 $0
Mailing $21,000 $350
Total $48,620 $650


The lower costs of email are convincing so what about telemarketing? Before you answer that question, you need to consider if you’ve actually thought of outsourcing one or the other. As far as telemarketing goes at least, that can be significant because the BPO industry is well-known for dabbling in call centers.


Even if you decide to do it on your own, the different business models among outsourced telemarketers. Below are two of the most common (courtesy of


  • Cost per hour – Some companies measure their cost by the hour. Suppose an agent makes 100 calls per day and he dials for 7 hours. This means a possible rate of 14 calls per hour (which is good if you’ve found that lead production is best measured in terms of how many calls before a lead is qualified).


  • Cost per lead – This is often used by online-based services and works best for those who want to emphasize the quality of a lead over quantity. Such services usually offer additional tools besides telemarketing resources (e.g. a lead scorer, access to CRM etc).


Both models have their pros and cons depending on what creates more value in your leads during a telemarketing campaign. The good news is that with email’s lower cost, any sudden spike in the cost of your telemarketing campaign can be offset long enough for you to adjust.

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