The B2B Lead Generation Advantage for Commercial Cleaning

commercial cleaning leadsGenerating qualified commercial cleaning leads is not an easy task to accomplish but it is definitely not that difficult. The commercial cleaning industry has the upper hand from a lot of factors.


First of all, the commercial cleaning industry is by far one of the fastest growing sector within the multiple facets of today’s economy. This is due to the fact that this business sector is shielded by global economic downturns and even the fatal anomaly for companies which we have come to know as recession. Even if every other industry has been striving to survive as sales and stock market has fallen down to an all time low, commercial cleaning companies are still assured of good sales production.

Companies within the sector can generate more commercial cleaning leads because there is a high turn over rate for office cleaning professionals. Though deemed as professionals, many of the sector’s workforce fail to perform excellent service towards their clientèle. This leaves a great room of opportunity for aspirants in making their b2b lead generation campaign a successful one.


For a commercial cleaning service provider to become successful in the art of generating qualified leads for their business, their marketing campaign’s flow should be spotless and devoid of mistakes as their cleaning utensils.


To effectively run a good marketing campaign that will let them sweep through their competition and gain more high quality business leads, the following qualifications are required:


  • Goal oriented sales and marketing team
  • Updated technologies
  • Effective marketing mediums
  • Cost efficient methods


Attaining all of these qualifications might take a significant amount of time; and time is not of the essence when you want quality leads for the business. Every minute or even every second spent not looking for leads will go into the favor of one’s competitors to acquire said leads.


In order to save time in looking for the qualifications stated above, many commercial cleaning companies seek to outsource their marketing to professionals in the field of tracking, nurturing, and qualifying leads. As such, cleaning companies are most likely to outsource their lead generation to telemarketing call centers.


Professional telemarketers, especially those that reside in reputable call centers, are already known to have expertise in the commercial cleaning industry as well as other businesses in other sectors. This is to provide one’s cleaning company with laser targeted leads that came from their target markets. Such cold callers will allow the company the advantage of bypassing gatekeepers in order for them to touch base with their targeted decision makers.


Call centers will not only provide the necessary expertise needed for the b2b marketing campaign, they are also known to have the latest technologies that will allow optimum efficiency in generating maximum number of qualified leads for the commercial cleaning company.


There are other marketing methods to gain a great advantage over competitors and take that winning edge in generating maximum number of qualified business leads for commercial cleaning companies. However, outsourcing to professional telemarketers is noted as the best option among the rest.


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