The Cycle that is Lead Nurturing

lead nurturingLead nurturing is the process in which possible sales leads are created, tracked, and developed to convert them into sales opportunities for a particular business. Follow-up procedures are usually done by lead generation companies, especially those that deal with b2b lead generation and b2b appointment setting, in order to properly nurture their leads. These leads, whether contacted or not, are entered into a database or a pipeline customer relationship management tool or CRM tool for personal and automated follow-up processes.

The process to nurture leads takes careful planning before initiating the plan of action. To start, there are some questions that need to be answered before continuing with the process.

  • Do I understand my target leads’ purchasing habits?

In order to start nurturing your potential clients, you need to understand how their mind works and most especially how they purchase goods. Try to put your shoes to that of your leads to better understand their purchasing habits.

  • Do I know what my clients need?

After putting yourself on the shoes of your leads, try to know what they really need. If you have an idea of what they need, you will have a better understanding of how to nurture them.

  • Do I treat my customers with respect?

Assess yourself on your attitude towards your customers and potential customers as well. The more you understand you customer on how they feel towards your products and services, the trust factor between you and your potential clients would advance even further.

Once careful planning has been done, the next step would be to execute the plan of action. In order to nurture a lead effectively, you must do a lot of follow-ups by using multiple means to contact your leads. But do take note that do not follow-up your leads excessively as it may get very annoying for them and you have lost a perfectly good lead for a sale.

Some of the means available today in order to effectively nurture a lead is to use communication mechanisms such as e-mail, events, podcasts, social media messages, or the more popular which is the use of the telephone. Once the lead has been properly nurtured, sales can then be put into the topic but that can be discussed on a later topic.

Let’s take a look at a two month plan on nurturing leads and turning them into sales:

      • Day 1 – Answering the lead’s queries posted on your website through e-mail
      • Day 2 – Follow-up on the lead with an introductory e-mail about your business
      • Day 10 – Send an e-mail advertisement that offers a demo about the services or products that the lead had questions with.
      • Day 25 – Personal call from your company’s sales representative to check on the lead on how the demo of the product or service is working for their lead. The representative should ask the lead for feedback on how to make the product or service better.
      • Day 40 – Invite the lead to a webinar if there are any more queries that need to be answered.
      • Day 50 – Second call from the sales representative to the lead in order to schedule an appointment
      • Day 60 – Send an e-mail or personally talk to the lead for a sales proposal

If done correctly and efficiently, the lead would then purchase the complete product or service and not just the demo. From there, the lead would then be converted into a qualified customer for your company and thus gaining more revenue for your business.



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