The Right Way to Tell Your VOIP Leads What’s in Store for Them

voip lead generation and appointment settingEver have trouble generating leads for your VOIP business? You may know everything there is with regards to Voice Over Internet Protocol telephones and the features they hold. However, do your VOIP leads know what these characteristics are? Do they know what benefits they’ll get upon purchasing your products and/or services?


Stating the obvious about what you offer to your prospects can be very easy. Getting the interests of your potential clientèle is on a whole new different level of difficulty. Think about it, just blatantly saying what it is and what your soon-to-be clientèle can get a bit dragging and boring (and that’s not on your part). There is a certain level of expertise that is required of a lead generation and appointment setting campaign for it to become successful.


In truth, many people could not understand the terminologies that belongs with the entire subject of Voice Over Internet Protocol systems. If you continue to say things in a boring and monotonous manner, then expect your business lead count to be tinier than an over-sharpened pencil.

Try to mix it up a notch. It’s better to simplify things and give the information out directly rather than dwelling around the bush while blurting out technological terms that only a few markets can understand. Here are some things that you can say the next time you get in touch with your targeted sales leads.


  1. Voice quality is excellent and reliable

    Unlike land-line phones and services, there is a lesser chance of static during conversations. This will let your VOIP leads take interest as it allows a greater and smoother calling experience.


  2. You are not tied up with a phone chord

    Have your VOIP leads experienced a scenario when they have to get their hands on something but they can’t go anywhere due to the short telephone chord? Many of today’s Internet phones are wireless or chordless. As such, your buyers can be free to move around their offices while speaking on their telephones.


  3. It is of lowered costs as compared to land-line services

    Since VOIP is an unregulated service, its costs are far lower than other telecommunications services. Your VOIP leads can expect to save a lot in cash if they apply for your services.


Stating these facts to your prospects can give a great impact in piquing their interests. However, if your company does not have the marketing expertise to handle a lead generation and appointment setting campaign, the best option to take is to outsource the course to seasoned professionals. When we’re talking about professionals, the capital route to take is to get the aid of professional telemarketers along with the pay per call telemarketing program.


Through this payment scheme, professional telemarketing services gets their price focused on the number of business contacts to be reached as well as the exact amount of phone calls to be made. There will be no hidden charges nor extra fees that will go along with the outsourced campaign thus making it a far more low-cost benefit than regular telemarketing services.


If you need more information with regards to getting more VOIP leads under the pay per call telemarketing program, just pick up the phone and dial the number of a reliable contact firm to get you started on your marketing success.


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