Appointment Setting and Lead Generation for AUTO INSURANCE

With the rise in automobile sales comes a corresponding increase in demand for insurance coverage. Our company is keenly aware of the opportunities and challenges this creates for auto insurance providers. You need to find genuine business leads while maintaining your brand’s reputation. This is exactly what our years of experience with auto insurance marketing enables us to do for you.

Our professional telemarketing specialists have been qualifying auto insurance leads and making appointment setting arrangements for over a decade now, helping auto insurance providers grow their revenues and expand their client base.

We have a massive prospect database that covers a wide range of demographic and firmographic attributes, allowing your company to reach virtually any target market you specify. We can also gather additional information for sharper insights in other areas of your insurance marketing campaign.

With 121 Direct Marketing, you gain the talent and technology to successfully run your campaign. We have a team of extensively-trained and highly-experienced telemarketers and project analysts who deeply know the insurance industry’s twists and turns. You will also be given project management tools for feedback and control.

Our company does not simply generate business leads and sales appointments for you. We strive to create strong and long-term connections between you and your target prospects.

Talk to us today to find out more about the 121 Direct Marketing advantage.

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