2 Lead Generation Lessons from the Lord of the Rings

Business Leads, Business to Business Leads, Lead GenerationThe Lord of the Rings, written by J.R.R Tolkien, is a trilogy of high fantasy which chronicles the journey of the hobbit, Frodo Baggins, as he quests to destroy the One Ring of power which the Dark Lord Sauron seeks to reclaim. The series of novels has made much influence on our world of modern fantasy, but did you know that you could learn a thing or two about lead generation from it?

The Lord of the Rings is a signature set of novels and any person who loves fantasy would be wrong to ignore reading the series of books. Marketers, however, may not be so interested in a set of books that talks about hobbits, dwarves, elves, wizards, and dark lords. Marketers would probably prefer material that helps them do better at marketing their products and services.

Reading a fantasy novel might not really inspire any ideas to spur an effective lead generation program. Well, that’s if you can’t read between the lines and correlate some aspects of what you are reading towards generating business leads.

As such, we’ve put together a few points from the Lord of the Rings that you can relate to your own lead generation campaign. Here they are:

1.) A fellowship was created to aid in the mission to destroy the One Ring.

When the One Ring was rediscovered and finally brought before the eyes of those who would see it destroyed, the fellowship of the ring was created in order to assist the ring bearer, Frodo, in his perilous quest to Mt. Doom.

You won’t really be destroying any rings as part of your program to generate more business to business leads, rather you are going to be forging a fellowship out of your sales and marketing teams. Keep in mind that leads are handled by sales, and if marketing fails to generate qualified leads that sales is just going to reject or put them aside later on. It is best to have them join together so that you can create a ULD (universal lead definition).

2.) Frodo and Sam just kept on going.

Despite all of the challenges that befell Frodo and Sam, such as facing orcs, goblins, and a VERY large spider, they still toughed it out and managed to bring the ring to Mt. Doom and destroy it (although it was Gollum who caused its destruction). That’s a mighty achievement coming from hobbits, considering that they’d probably be more into tending to their little vegetable gardens than out risking their lives.

When you run an appointment setting campaign as part of your lead generation program, don’t expect to “see results” unless you’ve actually bothered to see it through to the end. For example, what kind of conclusion could you come up with if you judged your campaign that had been running only for a week? Could you say that your results are beneficial or non-beneficial? You should definitely see things through to the end before you start coming to a conclusion.

Concerning hobbits… okay, maybe not. So there you have it – two lessons in lead generation which we’ve derived from J.R.R Tolkien’s masterpiece: The Lord of the Rings!

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