5 Successful Practices for Cold Calling

cold calling

Ever experienced cold calling in hopes of trying to sell, or just advertise your business? Whether it’s forgenerating financial leads, giving out phone surveys, or just for market research, calling complete strangers leave amateur marketers quaking in fear of picking up that handset.


Fear can come in many forms even in marketing. It can be transmitted from your end into your prospect’s end. They can and will sense your fear through your voice and how you handle their questions. Any slight notice of fear will let them come to the conclusion that you or your company is not capable of giving them a solution to their needs.


If you have this type of fear then do not worry. Just read on to know how you can overcome this.


  1. Relax before making the call

    Don’t be tense when making that call. If you do, your prospect will know about it. How? When you’re tense, your voice tends to crack and there is a tendency that you will stutter A LOT. A lot of fillers like uhhh’s and umm’s will also be inserted to your script. If these things occur a lot, your prospect will doubt if you or your company can give them a solution to their needs.

    So just relax. Take a breather before picking up that handset. Or better yet, drink a glass of water before anything else.


  2. They can’t physically hurt you over the phone

    One cannot guess the exact time that a prospect is not busy. You might even catch them in a bad mood. So there are times that you will get an irate prospect even before you have to say anything.

    Don’t cower in fear. Their fists won’t travel through the phone lines like in cartoons. The worst they can do is slam the phone. Don’t let their bad day bring your day down the pits. It’s their life, not yours.


  3. Not talking

    This is supposed to be a tip about marketing through the phone, so you need to talk, right? Yes indeed you do. However, you don’t have to talk ALL the time. Sometimes your prospect will talk and this is your time to listen.

    Now listening can work in more ways than one. First, you can analyze the needs of your potential client in order for you to come up with a better solution. Secondly, it gives you time to breathe. So if you’re still a bit tense, breathe and relax a bit, or grab what’s left of that glass of water.


  4. Call from a secluded area

    No, you don’t have to go inside the bathroom just to call. If you’re in an office then make sure that you lock the door when you’re making calls. This is to free yourself from outside disturbance and so that your prospect can hear you crystal clear. You don’t want that potential client to be annoyed by noisy co-workers.


  5. Practice makes perfect

    One call won’t be enough, especially if it’s for lead generation. So you have to call a lot to get a lot of leads. The more your practice this art of marketing, in time it will all flow naturally. You can even build rapport when you’re talking to your potential clientèle. This will relieve tension on both sides to come up with a more solid and longer business relationship.


Cold calling does not have to be hard or scary to do. Successful marketers that advertise through the phone talk to their prospects like they talk to their friends and family (but with a more professional tone).


Just relax and make that call. Nothing bad will happen to you if you just a few questions and a few moments of their time. Good Luck!

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