Alarmism and Appointment Setters

You know it could all be thanks to the internet that the world is more informed about the crazy things that are happening in the world. Recently, LeBron James made news for taking part in the recent “I can’t breathe.” protests. Meanwhile everyone from terrorists in Mosul to Russian commentators are swarming with laughable incredulity at the fracas.


But rest assured, that’s as political as this post is going to get. It’s just when you take a step back, you have to realize that this isn’t SNL. This is reality, the reality that anything being published can rapidly gain traction and notoriety as it jumps along whatever’s causing the latest global alarm.


This is same alarm can be of a great boon to appointment setters or it can be the worst mistake they’ve ever made.


Take a look back at LeBron. Why do you think he and his teammates wore those shirts? Is it because they wanted more publicity? Send a sincere message against racism?


For all you know, it could be both. And for all anyone knows, that’s not a bad thing. What’s bad is that you don’t understand how it can work so well.


It expresses non-business values.


By non-business, it means ideas that are not directly tied to your products or your services. Racism, for example, may not really have anything to do with playing basketball. That doesn’t deny the reality that the NBA prominently features African-American players. That doesn’t make race issues unavoidable. It’s the same in any other business. There will come a time when a bigger reality will force your marketers and appointment setters to address something that’s more on the subjects of ethics, morality, politics, and even religion. Staying strictly business can only carry you so far.


Impact should never be underestimated



There really is no underestimating the impact of a corporate scandal. When you’re trying to ride on a wave that’s rocking the digital and traditional airwaves, prepare to be rocked back. People will react and not all in ways that will results in more sales leads or stronger customer retention.


That’s why you should always plan ahead for multiple outcomes. Don’t leave out what your customers have to say before thinking about having a say on a particular issue.


Publicity is only a bonus point


There’s always the risk that people think you’re only concerned with publicity. It certainly can be the case for LeBron and his teammates. However, what if such assumptions are wrong? What if he and the other Cavaliers actually share in the outrage over Eric Garner?


In such cases, publicity is really just a bonus point. It’s bonus for actually caring about something whether or not who disagrees. It’s the reason why integrity is not more separated from marketing as it is from other business processes.


All this alarm has its downside. Sometimes your target market may not actually care enough. Other times, you could be making a big deal out of nothing. There are times though when that will cease to be the case and your appointment setters might have to stand shoulder to shoulder with those sounding the alarm.

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