Appointment Setters – Antidotes to Post-Valentine Potions

During the month of February, you can say it’s even a duty for most people that they forego their business interests in favor of their romantic ones. It explains why most workers try to leave early on Valentine’s Day.


But since that day’s long over, it’s back to work for your salespeople. And as marketers, it is your duty to make sure they still continue to make more appointments with potential customers and not just their dates.


Sure, it may be tough with the proverbial love potion still in their system but that’s why your appointment setters need to start filling up their schedules. You think the love of your life is the only person that needs wooing? Obviously not or else B2B prospects wouldn’t be making similar demands of respect (and a good reason) just to allow an appointment.


Your salespeople have other relationships that need nurturing. And like all relationships, nurturing them requires problems to be solved. How do you expect them to do that when your so-called ‘leads’ don’t really give the heads up? For example:


  • What if one person isn’t enough to authorize a purchase?


  • What if they barely understand a thing your content has explained about your business?


  • What if their buying decision is going to cause a lot of political drama in their organization?


  • What if a prospect may not make a good lead now but sometime in the future?


  • What if they’ll depend on you for a solution that’s easy enough for people on the inside?


People normally discourage mixing up the professional and the personal. But if that be the case, your salespeople should be spending their energy on customer and prospect problems when working. That however requires knowledge of those problems in the first place. Don’t expect them to think about them when they’re too lovestruck after Valentines. Your appointment setters need to set a date, call their attention, and let them know that romance isn’t the only area of life that has issues.

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