Appointment Setters Should Really Have the Answer

Appointment setters take a lot of risks when they’re marketing via search. However, the biggest of them all might not have anything to do with the fickleness of Google nor the diminished attention span of mobile.


It might have to do with having an answer.


It’s no secret that SEO has come a long way from marketers just stuffing keywords into backlinks and blogs to actually caring about who reads their content (as well as the actual quality of said content).


But in spite of that direction, some marketers are still ignoring the main purpose of being available via search.




Every time a person types a keyword, they’re essentially asking a question. The literal combinations of words may not even be grammatically correct. That doesn’t make the action any less of an inquiry.


Sure, you can execute a few, subtle mind tricks like impressive graphics design, readable fonts, and links that will cause them to click more. But at the end of trail, what has the prospect accomplished?


Is it enough that they’ve filled up a contact form? The bad news is: That’s not the future of search. The future of search is and has always been in its capacity to provide answers. If you don’t have the correct answer, your appointment setters can only work for so long to keep a prospect from disappointment.


In way, you could say that marketers have only advanced the tools but have stayed in the same place when it comes to relationships with customers. Many are still guilty of overselling.


Back then, it was those ads the claimed this or that new infomercial appliance was the ‘answer to all your office problems’ when in reality, it wasn’t even close. Today, you’re actually saying the exact same thing except you’re not using the television.


  • You’re leading your prospects by the nose, on the internet – Say they’re having some software trouble and they type in looking for an easy-fix. Would you rather give them the false impression that your site gives that quick fix or would you rather tell them the honest truth that fixing said problem could take a while?


  • It’s still a waste of their time – They may not have blown the company bank by buying your product without looking further. However, just the effort of further research isn’t something you should impose on anyone just because they ‘could’ be potential customers. Time is money and it won’t leave a strong impression if you’re just one of ‘those sites’ that were designed to waste it.


  • The search engines will see – Just as Google and other search engines cracked down on the keyword stuffers, so will they do the same with anyone who focuses on gaming the system rather than comply with the main purpose of their product. No matter what, they will always be about users first, publishers, businesses, and other sources second. Again, no amount of good marketing is going to be enough to compensate for solid answers.


You could even say that the purpose of marketing is no longer limited to the promotion of business. It can be a product in of itself by providing information in exchange for the attention. However, like every product, it has to actually be there.

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