Appointment Setting Can Succeed With Supplements

Appointment setting is still a marketing and sales process so researching your target market is obviously a given. Once you do though, ever thought of also looking back at your own industry and seeing how your target market actually makes it grow? This commonly happens when your appointment setting strategy seeks to promote a supplement to an already existing product even though you are targeting the same market.

Getting Appointment Setting To Target The Same Space But With A Growing Industry


Appointment Setting, Cash Advance Appointment Setting, Sales LeadsIt is like the core of your industry is the seed of a magic tree planted in soil that wants it there. For example, if your industry is cash advance, your industry is planted in a market that wants you to help finance businesses. On the other hand, what if a competitor beat you in planting that seed? Does it mean your appointment setting strategy cannot plant in its place and acquire cash advance leads?


Actually, it does not need to. This is where the magic of the tree comes in. See, while this tree grows, it is barren. The core of your industry lacks support. Your competitor could either be cleaning but it seems not enough or they could just be supplying products but do not do much in helping their prospects use them. This is your chance for appointment setting in the same patch of marketing soil by growing on the tree itself!


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  • What seems to be missing? – Is there something that your competitor did not provide but you can simply by tying yourself to the original offer? In case of a product, use your cash advance appointment setting strategy to discover not what is wrong with the product itself but how it is used.


  • What can you add? – Sometimes though, prospects are simply not content with a barren tree. Just because your appointment setting strategy focuses on needs does not mean you should not see advantage in prospects who want more. In fact, you can even advocate for their wishes from doing business with them and using future appointment setting campaigns to figure out why more could indicate more needs.


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  • How soon can you grow? – Adding yourself to something another competitor already provided does not mean you have no competition. Just because you discovered a new need that could go well with a basic one does not mean another firm’s appointment setting campaign is far behind. Never forget the importance of maximizing time so that you can grow first before another competitor beats you to it!


Just because your appointment setting campaign got beat targeting prospects with a certain need should not prevent you from giving something else that adds to the offer and still generate qualified sales leads! An appointment setting campaign can still plant in the same soil!

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