Appointment Setting Misery – Avoid Getting the Brush Off

appointment settingIf you have ever experienced being the b2b appointment setter for your company, you may have come across getting the brush off from your targeted decision maker. Think about this scenario: You have already gotten a hold of their interests from your initial point of contact, but somehow your target has been avoiding you since then. The only question is, Why?



Now there are a lot of answers that can justify this query. Maybe they have found another company to do business with. Maybe they have travel plans on that day. Maybe they have family matters to attend to.



Nonetheless, it all points down to one ultimate conclusion – For them, your offered products and/or services are far less important than anything else. So what’s going to happen to your b2b lead generation and appointment setting campaign now?





First of all, let us internalize and formulate several hypotheses on what could have gone wrong. Here are some scenarios that may have happened:



  • Your initial point of contact may have not left a definite impact towards your prospect. As such, your target decision maker may have just said “Yes” just to do away with you and move on with their lives.


  • Your follow-up appointment setting procedures fail due to over stressing the fact that a meeting will take place instead of having a commitment in providing solutions to your prospects’ needs.


  • You do not focus on helping their own organization but on helping your own company.



So what can you do to avoid or fix these problems in your appointment setting course?



You can try one of the following solutions to aid you whenever you are about to set an appointment with your target audience:



  • Re-establish your connection with your business prospect or b2b lead. Instead of trying to promote your brand name in several ways, try figuring out what your target markets need. Remember that a long-lasting business relationship is built from the start.


  • If you are cold calling, be prepared to leave voicemails. Remember that your targets are businessmen and women themselves. They do not have all the time in the world to answer your calls. If a voice from an answering machine pops up, then leave them a nice and respectful message reminding them about your business appointment.


  • Do not just follow-up with one medium. If you cold call your prospect and you get voicemail, do not just stop there. If you have their e-mail address then follow-up through that medium as well. Just remember do not follow-up with your appointment setting course too much or you will get them annoyed.


  • If one prospect is still giving you the brush off treatment to no end, move on! They are not the only possible client in your target locale. Move on for the sake of your b2b appointment setting campaign. Move on for the betterment of your own company. Do not put too much hope on one probable lead.



Getting the cold shoulder is, in fact, a normal occurrence in business appointment setting. Just keep a close and clear eye on your marketing goals and keep up with a good mindset. This way, you keep a positive attitude towards the fulfillment of a profitable outcome for your campaign.


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