Appointment Setting Those Taking The Less-Traveled Road

One of today’s most popular appointment settingstrategies involve targeting businesses who are just starting out. These are the kind of businesses whose decision makers and owners still lack sufficient knowledge. The reasoning here is that B2B companies like yours use the appointment setting process to start the education they need. Coming out with a sale is also an added benefit.


However, how aware are you that you are in fact appointment setting with prospects taking a less traveled road? For example, look at this FoxBusiness article which tells the story of Squarespace’s founder:


 “Coming out of college with a job offer from Google sounds like a win, but Anthony Casalena decided to go in a different direction. Convincing his dad that turning down Google and creating his own company was the more lucrative way to go, however, took a bit of persuasion.”


Have you ever heard similar stories from other prospects? They were given a chance to work with this or that big company but they decided to strike out on their own? Naturally, you have to respect such an independent spirit. On the other hand, your appointment setting campaign should not ignore the reality of challenges awaiting these prospects.


Using Appointment Setting Tools To Help Clear The Way


Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Qualified LeadsNow sometimes, the initial knee-jerk reaction to prospects like this is sheer disbelief over their decision. In Casalena’s case for example, he turned down a job offer from Google. You do not want this disbelief showing through the rest of your appointment setting process. You need to show that your business is just there to help them, encourage them even, to clear the road.


  • Start with the first thing that is in their way – The most crucial component in your qualified leads is the information about a prospect’s need. But as your prospect is just starting out, that business is still an infant.  Infants need to deal with obstacles right in front them before even thinking of what is ahead. The same objective should be shared by your appointment setting strategy.


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  • See yourself growing with them – Oddly enough, it is when your appointment setting process starts with primary problems that you establish a foothold in your prospect’s business. That foothold allows for extended business relationships. And when you extend that relationship, you should get used to seeing your business working alongside them in their journey.


  • Let them influence for you – Consider this the reward of opening your B2B direct marketing strategy to them. Companies like these have a huge potential for growth. That growth, in turn, could place them in a position that could influence your target marketing in your favor. Use appointment setting tactics like referrals and testimonies to show other prospects what you have contributed to a growing company’s success.


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As Casalena’s story attests, the road he chose was not an easy one. However, your appointment setting campaigns can be used to present more ease and keep them going. They have chosen a road less-traveled but that does not mean your lead generation campaign cannot generate highly interested prospects.


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