Appointment Setting Tips – Change the Status Quo by Changing Customers

If you are what you eat, then obviously your business is what your customers are. But then again, maybe it’s not as simple. Sometimes your customers are more of a bigger representative of the entire industry than just you as an individual company. Think of how shoppers define retail or how children define the toy industry.


Likewise, your target market of B2B customers could be indicative of the entire industry (whether it’s financials, insurance, or technology). The really big question though is it still possible to change the benchmark standard of an entire industry simply because you’ve decided to change your own customers?

An article on the Harvard Business Review discusses this possibility. More often than not, customers have always been a resource of information when it comes finding more marketable ideas. The problem is that oftentimes it’s focused on what business is doing rather than asking for any change on the part of the customer. This one line in particular really jumps out:


The product of that education is not just a more sophisticated Hointer shopper, but a shopper who may now become impatient with the delays, inefficiencies, and inferior experiences proffered by other retailers. That’s where value-added differentiation and competitive advantage come from. That’s why helping customers learn can be as strategically important as learning from customers.”


As you can already guess, there seems to be a distinct line between changing the customer directly and changing the business based on your analysis of current customer behavior:


  • Helping customers help themselves creates new standards – When you educate customers on who to better work with products and services, they don’t just acquire a product. They acquire the skill to maximize it, thereby maxing out satisfaction.


  • It can reduce wasteful spending – Customers with high satisfaction are less likely to second-guess their buying decisions. Further, money spent on better products as opposed to wasteful spending generally means they have more money to spend on future innovations.


  • It removes some pressure from employees – Finally, it can also reduce the pressure of your own organization. Customers are no more perfect than your own employees. They aren’t always right and to educate them on being better buyers/users/owners can save a lot of trouble on the part of your customer service as well as your marketers.


At this point, it’s easy to see how changing customers can really change the status quo of an industry. It shares not only the value of products and services. It also shares information, improves everyone’s buying decisions, and also takes the heat off of you.

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