Appointment Setting Tips – Exceptions to Your Schedule

One of the perks of following good appointment setting practices is not just just getting you to meet with the right clients. It keeps you from meeting the bad ones that might just waste your time.


However, is it good to make some exceptions? Maybe a prospect has a sudden emergency. Their car breaks down on the way to the meeting place. A black out renders them incapable of having an online conference. These things can happen anytime so it’s good to have a few rules of thumb when making exceptions.


#1 – Present the option loud, large, and clear.


What’s with including large? Think of the many ways a prospect can set an appointment with you. One of you might give the other a phone call. Another time, it could be through an email. You could also have them schedule an appointment directly from your website.


In all cases, people are ignoring the visual element when it comes to giving prospects options. If an emergency leaves them unable to attend an appointment, what’s the first the they’re going to look for? Do they call through the same number and talk to the same representative? Can they just contact you directly? Is there a big button on your website that will give them that privilege?


#2 – Limit the number of accidents


Remember, you’re making an exception. You don’t want to keep rescheduling as a norm. After all, you didn’t want to waste time in the first place. If a prospect keeps rescheduling, politely tell them that they can contact you after a few weeks time. You might other leads to pursue and it won’t do you any good to waste those opportunities.


#3 – Empathy


When it’s clear that that a prospect just had a really nasty stroke of bad luck, empathy is really king. Listen carefully before making any suggestions about rescheduling. Sometimes a prospect may no longer wish to continue until a later date. Other times they might push through, but they might need some help with the decision. This isn’t just something you can outsource to a marketer. Whether you’re just inviting them to your webinar or are now actually in the contract-signing phase, you have to accommodate even before any sale is made. That is how you make them in the end.


Creating exceptions are a good exercise to remind yourself about the human side of B2B prospecting. The people you meet might be the managers or even the executives of your target organizations. But remember, they can also have obligations outside work (family, friends, lovers).

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