Appointment Setting Tips – Know When Looks Deceive

The appointment setting process is one of those processes where it is really important to know when something is not what it appears. For instance, tax consulting companies that use the process have seen many cases where misjudging by appearances compromised their business relationships. How can you prepare your own appointment setting strategy from making the same mistake?


The Different Guises That Your Appointment Setting Process Must See Through


Judging books beyond their covers can be easier than done when you know just how many ways people are fooled by what is outside. For your appointment setting strategy, here are three of the most popular guises that you need to see through so you will not be fooled.


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Vampire fiction is rife with little girls well over thirty.

Older than they look


You think vampires are the only things that look older than they look? Some businesses among your tax consulting leads can have a similar effect. Glancing at a business’ website or even talking to their representatives over the phone gives them the appearance of a young start-up. However, has your appointment setting process considered looking deeper into their history? Their company may have been established since WW2!


Stronger than they look


Yes, that's a bus she's carrying.

Some businesses you encounter have the impression of being really small. They do not look like the type to have large finances. It is almost a wonder how they manage to pay their dues. Normally, you would not consider them for appointment setting. But then again, can you really assume they have a weak budget without actually asking? Maybe this prospect has greater financial strength than you realize.


Smarter than they look


Warning: Don't make a monkey out of this ape.

Sometimes certain businesses are in certain industries. These industries have certain cultures. These cultures may not seem to breed the kind of attitude that thinks about tax consulting. That does not mean one such business may not give you a call one day (especially when you are deploying an inbound appointment setting strategy). Do not underestimate what they know. Test them first because you might be in for a surprise.


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You might encounter other guises that prospects use in your appointment setting campaign. The above three though can be quite common place and give you good enough reason to always see through them with the tools of tax consulting lead generation.

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