Appointment Setting Tips – When Insanity is the New Normal

It’s official. Everything that the last 50 years has painted about business is now a complete lie. This has been the realization of many in the B2B marketing field. The question is has your business realized it yet?

Sure, there’s still merit to saying the right things carefully. Punctuality’s still good as is focusing on the client’s needs. Common courtesy is still crucial if you want a successful appointment setting campaign.


And yet, how much of these objectives are actually attached to the trappings made up about corporate life?


The answer? None. The truth about business is that what was deemed insanity could in fact be the new normal if any of today’s organizations want to survive. Everything you’d have thought about a prospect’s life at work could just be a pastiche of titles, credentials, and prepped up profiles on LinkedIn.


In appointment setting campaigns, first impressions like that aren’t just one way. The one you have about a potential client (whether through researching them or even talking over the phone) could have just as much an impact on your performance. If that impression is even the slightest bit one-dimensional, you’re going to overlook a lot of important things:


  • They’re not just someone in a suit – Your prospect is more than someone in a suit. They’re a human being. And by human being, that means a fine line between treating them like customers and treating them like wrathful gods. They are not divinities that you should offer everything but the kitchen sink. They’re people with real business problems that could use your help in fixing.


  • They don’t know everything – Now that you know they’re not god-like, you know that they won’t always be right. This one of the important commandments of client service. Understanding what they don’t know is relatively more important that knowing what to say. They’re not someone you can ‘dupe’ into buying things that don’t really solve all their problems. It might get you an appointment, and maybe even a sale, but do you really think that’s going to keep them coming back?


  • Honorofics are cherries without parfaits – Calling them sir or madam isn’t going to impress them for long. Same goes for the supposed dos and donts of ‘proper’ business writing. In the end, what you’ve got to offer is still going to be worth way more than fearful politeness. You think not addressing them right is insane? What about showing them something that may not be worth their time?


Whether it’s speaking more casually or getting more personal in the conversation, these are things that were typically associated with insanity in the typical corporate environment. But when that environment itself is a life, how much more the pretensions based on it? Don’t ever let these things get in the way of effectively setting more appointments with clients. In fact, it’s not about just the appointments. It’s about learning how to meet other people and knowing that they are in fact, people.

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