Appointment Setting Tips – Why Seeing You Still Matters

Today, it’s enough for any B2B appointment setting campaign to just set up calls with sales reps. Thanks to technology, there’s rarely a need to reserve fancy dinner meetings or prep the office for a prospect’s arrival. Just set up a small phone conference (or at most, use a webcam) and the meeting’s set to go!


It’s ironic then that these tech advancements are now focusing on the value of seeing and hearing as the full experience of communication, business or otherwise.


By now, Google is probably closer to sharing its infamous Glass technology to the world. But asides from the implications for privacy, online browsing, and marketing, people are overlooking the primary reason why the wearable was even invented: it’s to fuse visual experience with online technology.


Whether it’s browsing the net while jogging or live-streaming that jog, putting a computer screen before your very eyes demonstrates how much those eyes still matter in a person’s experience. That person includes even high-profile B2B prospects.


Back then, the invention of email and internet was thought to have sped up the transfer and sharing of information. That meant more meetings set up, more prospects to set them up with, and more appointments to generate sales.


In reality though, the static, impersonal nature of these messages only goes to show there was still plenty missing from the B2B marketing experience. Nobody just recognized it because technology like Glass was still a futurist dream. There were signs though that there was still nothing that beat the full experience of both sight and sound.


  • The believability of live calls – Even at their worst, there is one thing that a telemarketing call had over an email: You normally presume the former was a real person. Even in the case of robocalls (which are often frowned upon both in and out of the call center industry), you will know most of the time that you’re talking to a real person.


  • The length of the sales process – The most critical decision maker doesn’t have time to wait around exchanging emails. It’s bad enough that you have all this information to discuss. They want a real conversation that lets them negotiate in real-time. A website or an email might be enough to start the process but less likely so to keep it going.


  • A need to see the merchandise – B2B transactions tend to be big but like any transaction, a buyer will always more likely and more trusting after they see the actual merchandise. Hiccups in delivery or installation can happen along the way. It’s not something that a single email or even a single call can convince a prospect to believe in. They’ll need something more real.


Google Glass has been described as ‘augmented reality.’ You know what augment means right? Unlike the online and mobile technologies trending today, this new form of technology improves upon the very reason why seeing you live, in person still matters in a tech-driven age.

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