Are Software Lead Generation Reruns Good Or Bad?

Redundancy is always bad for software lead generation because prospects are always less likely to go for the same pitch. But despite the generally negative perception of them, do these same things always impact your lead generation campaigns in a bad way?


The Cons Of Reruns On The Lead Generation Process


Lead Generation, Software Lead Generation, Software LeadsFirst off, what are the reasons for why re-runs happen in the first place. These same reasons should be considered if you want your lead generation campaign to only emulate the good kind of rerun and not the redundant kind:


  • Reason #1: There is nothing new – You can already tell this is not the kind of lead generation campaign you would want to run. But sadly, this happens to companies that do not know better. Just as reruns result from the absence of new episodes, so does a similar campaign result from the absence of new software leads like ERP software leads or medical software leads. Learn to expand your market when things start growing stale.


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  • Reason #2: You are reaching a different slot – Reruns also happen when shows want to reach those watching under a different schedule (e.g. mid-afternoon). This is actually something good lead generation campaigns emulate. You may feel stuck sending the same message but you can at least find a different audience until you come up with something fresh for all.


  • Reason #3: Backed by popular demand – Finally, you have a reason you cannot immediately judge as good or bad. Some people like a show so much, they want it aired again. Your lead generation campaign can also meet similar demands when you go for your old prospects who might want to hear from you again. On the other hand, backlash can come from those who are not fans.


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So you have one bad reason, one good reason, and one that is right in the middle. The good and the bad are easy to do but what about the last one? Will this decide whether or not to have a lead generation rerun for your next software sales leads? The answer is yes. However, that in fact really depends on you and who you are targeting. Are your looking for new kinds of leads or are you going for those who want to watch again?

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