B2B Appointment Setting – Making the Boss out of Your Prospects

Many B2B marketers still underestimate the weight they’ll be getting whenever they give everything they’ve got just to succeed in appointment setting. They say your customers are the real boss of your business but how many of those on marketing front actually take this statement to heart?


After all, your business has got to give them something or else why would they spend their money on you? You can’t exactly tell them that they’re not the boss of you because, in a strong sense, they are! They’re your potential customers! They’re your ticket to higher revenue!


Since they mean so much to you, why should they hold back on the demands?


See, that’s why you should be careful about sending marketing messages that’s loaded with all these promises. It’s all the more critical in this day and age, when a single Google search can boost a prospect into the buying process. It’s not their responsibility to draw limits. It’s yours. Why? Because you’re the ones sending those emails, putting up those banner ads, and giving all that ‘sagely’ industry advice that sets you up as a miracle worker.


Does this mean that you need to hold back on marketing and review the engagement you have prior to appointment setting? Maybe.


The better solution though is for marketers to realize that:


  • #1. You’re in a race to provide the solution – If you can’t afford to hear a no from a prospect, then you need to be wary of just how many competitors are already in line, raring to take your place. You’re not in a position to be relaxed.


  • #2. Begging only begs more from you – When they’re in the market, nothing gets a prospect buying like a business that shows eagerness to serve. That means any attempt you make to get their eyes off the competition means they’ll be demanding a lot more since you’re trying to make them reconsider.


  • #3. You can’t afford disillusion and disappointment – When you fail to have an answer to a prospect’s challenge, disappointment is only the start of your problems. You’ve bragged in an attempt to impress but your failure exposes that you could only do so much. Seeing such limitations, don’t be surprised if others are just as disappointed.


The rise of content marketing and online search has allowed customers to be more informed about their own problems. Businesses that depended on such knowledge are in now a difficult position because while they may have knowledge about solutions, they are not the prospects. They actually don’t know well enough about them to say they have the answer to their problems.

This is arguably the biggest gamble you make in B2B appointment setting. Regardless, it’s one you really need to make and thus, your marketers have to take all the promises they make very seriously. Think twice about throwing out empty pitches.

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