B2B Appointment Setting Tips – Dealing With a Duggar

Whether you’re a fan of them or not, whether you’re religious or not, it’s hard to miss the financial chops of the Duggar family. These same financial chops though could literally chop your appointment setting efforts in half if you’re not prepared to deal with Duggar-style price wranglers.


Random Fact: This guy worked in real estate.

But before you read on, please know that just because a prospect wants a price doesn’t mean that prospect’s an automatic lead. In fact, pricing’s probably the point where a sales meeting goes sour.


It’s hard to blame any decision maker (especially small business owners) for wanting to avoid financially complex buying procedures. If it’s something they can’t pay on time or sustain long-term, the deal’s off. Granted, anyone who adopts the Duggars’ aversion to debt is certainly guaranteed to be free from the weight that debt carries.


That though doesn’t mean you can’t make the case for your pricing model.


  • Start with value – Focusing on value is a good first step. It lets you gauge just how much a prospect would like to have a solution to a problem. In this stage though, it’s really important for appointment setters to nurture a lead and stop thinking that it’s only a sales responsibility. Learning about a prospect’s wants and priorities is something you need to discover together.


  • Look what hasn’t been said – Even if a prospect clearly wants something, it’s hard to convince them when they’re very secretive about what’s holding them back. Ask questions that practically jolt the answers to the surface. Don’t leave any proverbial stone unturned unless you’re sure about all your prospect’s circumstances.


  • Know when they’re simply not ready – Sometimes, a prospect just can’t bear themselves to afford so there’s really nothing you can do. At least, for now. So naturally, you should give them time. It’s also good to have set guidelines that would indicate that you’ve exhausted most options.


  • Keep an eye on the clock – Depending on your business model, you have to give particular attention to how much time you spend nurturing and following-up a prospect before you consider an appointment set or not. Sometimes, you can’t afford to spend too much on one. Other times, you can’t afford to neglect even a single contact form filled up on your website.


Finally, you obviously can’t ignore a major weakness in a thrift approach (a tendency towards bargains at face value). Try to use their focus on simplicity as a way to make the conversation beneficial to all of them.

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