B2B Lead Generation Tips: Tip #2 – The Cold Call

cold calling for lead generationWelcome back again to learning about how you can improve your chances in gaining more quality b2b leads for your business.

On this second day, we will start talk about what marketing technique you need to use in generating your business leads. Let’s first start with the cold call.

Many businessmen and salespeople alike dread the cold call so much. It’s just like going up on stage to face up a bunch of people you don’t know. In short, you have to build up the confidence to make the first move and call your targeted prospects.

The first step to cold calling potential clients may be difficult, but if done right you may be on the verge of landing that deal. Do it wrong or lose to a lack of confidence and you may have lost a potential lead that may be also a possible sale for your company. Worse, what if your competitors get to your prospect first.

Confidence will be your first step in starting the call. Once your prospect answers, you only have a few minutes to pique their interests so get right to the point but don’t hard sell your products and/or services immediately. See first if they are truly interested to listen to your proposal, and if they do, then by all means continue with the call.

After the cold call, you might want to do follow-ups from time to time in order for your business lead generation and b2b appointment setting campaign to land that well deserved sale.

More tips to come on the following days so stay tuned!

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